Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 poster: No Safe Harbor

Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /

A new poster for season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead predicts danger at sea, showing there is  ‘No Safe Harbor’ for the zombie survival drama’s survivors.

Just when fans are thinking non-stop about season 6 of AMC’s The Walking Dead, the companion series comes along and puts out a piece of promotional art that gets fans talking.

Fear The Walking Dead is set to kick off its second season on April 10, 2016 and is already planned to tell the tale of the survivors from season 1 who will take to the water to avoid the massive number of undead that are walking around California.

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However, the release of a new poster promoting the season 2 premiere should have horror fans chomping at the bit. Unlike other advertisements for either The Walking Dead or Fear The Walking Dead, this one should make fans think about some of the better horror movies in recent history and make them think about what might be in store for the survivors when they have to get supplies and food.

In case you haven’t had the opportunity to look at the thought-provoking poster, you are in luck! Here it is as released by AMC:

Fear the Walking Dead season 2 promo image. AMC.
Fear the Walking Dead season 2 promo image. AMC. /

Of course, the first thing that is noticed is the ship centered with the Fear The Walking Dead logo just underneath with the date and time to watch along the bottom. However, there are more things going on than just a boat sailing on the water in this image.

With a little closer look, the sky is nothing but safe either. The clouds form the eye and nose holes of the human face with the sun completing the appearance of a human skull. Posters like this are nothing new to fans of horror films, as some of the best scary films in recent history (such as Shrooms, Mati Suri and Cabin Fever) have used this technique to promote their work as well.

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Seeing this poster could be a nod to some of those horror films, or it might just be something that the makers of Fear The Walking Dead came up with to reach the horror market that hasn’t quite checked out AMC’s companion series quite yet. Either way, season 2 of the record-breaking zombie survival horror series will premiere this April, and fans shouldn’t want to miss a moment of it.