The Walking Dead: Cast interview in Greece [video]

Four members of The Walking Dead family went on a European fan tour recently. One video interview captures a few answers from the gang while they were in Athens.

Many of The Walking Dead cast were in the UK for Walker Stalker Convention. Greg Nicotero, Ross Marquand, Josh McDermitt, and Michael Cudlitz continued to enjoy Europe with trips to Madrid and Athens for fan events.

A short interview in Athens was caught on YouTube for us to get a little peak into some answers from the boys about how they found out they were cast and some great stories from Greg Nicotero that show how much they all love the show as much as we do.

Something that’s interesting about The Walking Dead is that there is a continuous influx of characters. Normally, on a show the actors are cast and don’t really know how the show will be received until it airs-much like Fear the Walking Dead now.

With The Walking Dead, an actor can join a show that he/she already loves to watch as a fan. That’s pretty unusual. All 3 actors in Athens talked about how they loved the show already and we’re happy to join.

The actors got practice keeping the stories a secret right away because they had to keep their jobs a secret before they even appeared on screen! I love how Josh couldn’t even say he had a job to explain his radical hair change.


Greg Nicotero had great stories to tell, as always, about his directing experiences, including two particularly wonderful stories about Dale’s death and Tyreese’s death and their emotional impact from his direction and from the scripts.

Greg draws things out, which makes sense as a visual effects person he is probably very visual in his thinking, I loved that he enjoyed being called adorable for his overpreparedness.

It’s amazing how fans of The Walking Dead just can’t get enough information and talk about the show and about the actors and behind-the scenes stuff. I could listen to the actors and producers talk forever even if I’ve heard the stories before.

It will be sad when the day comes that any of those three actors have to talk about their characters in the past tense or if Greg Nicotero directs one of their death scenes.