Talking Dead Episode 612 Recap: Not tomorrow yet

JB Smoove. Ross Marquand. Alanna Masterson. Chris Hardwick. Talking Dead. AMC.
JB Smoove. Ross Marquand. Alanna Masterson. Chris Hardwick. Talking Dead. AMC. /

Ross Marquand, Alanna Masterson, and comedian JB Smoove were the guests tonight for Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick to dissect the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

They got right to it, as usual. Alanna was almost 9 months pregnant there. Tara’s character was a little apprehensive because she was so quick to go along with The Governor, but this time she was going in with a little more information and trust in Rick and the group.

Ross thinks Aaron was so burned by the Wolves that he feels the need to protect the group and not take as many chances anymore. He wants to see the good in people, but is more “pragmatic” than Morgan right now.

Hardwick thinks the plan is still a little rushed. Maybe they needed to do a little more research. In Memoriam was packed with lots of creatively named walkers and Saviors.

Tara wanted the Hilltop to be safe from Negan knowing the groups were connected in any way. She made her first kill tonight. Denise Huth in a behind-the-scenes interview talked about the importance of showing the impact that the killing has on the group.

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Hardwick made the observation that I want to write about tomorrow– Glenn gave Heath a gift by taking the knife from him. JB Smoove made his one funny joke of the night about how Heath pushed his glasses up indicating he wasn’t ready to kill.

Sorry, JB, you were good in that Chris Rock movie, Top 5, but I’m not digging you as a Talking Dead guest. The jokes are too forced even though I can tell you watch the show.

The Carol kill list was brought up as well as Carol and Tobin, but I don’t think anyone really got to the bottom of either of those topics. Those are two topics I’d like to explore this week for Undead Walking.

Beet and acorn cookies, plus Gregory’s head were the gifts for the fan who asked the question at the mic. Everyone got really cool sets of blank journals from Shop the Walking Dead with Michonne, Rick, Daryl, and Tree Walker on the covers.

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Ross did a few quick impressions we saw our sneak peek and the time was up. The sneak peek showed a little bargaining between Rick and the redhead for Maggie and Carol. Hopefully, things will go better than trades for Hershey and Michonne and Beth and Carol.

Melissa McBride and a surprise guest plus one other guest that was said so quickly I missed it (I’ll update when I find out) will join the show next week.