Talking Dead guests for Walking Dead 612: Not Tomorrow Yet

Chris Hardwick, Talking Dead - AMC
Chris Hardwick, Talking Dead - AMC /

The guests for Talking Dead for the week of The Walking Dead titled ‘Not Tomorrow Yet’ look to be a fantastic group to help fans recover from the episode.

Each week there is a new episode of AMC’s hit zombie survival drama The Walking Dead, fans can also expect to see Chris Hardwick in the big chair of Talking Dead to help fans understand what they just saw and shed some light on the events of the most recent episode.

This week, the guests that will be joining Hardwick for the post-show are from the world of entertainment as well as actors from the hit show The Walking Dead. It is these kind of superfans and guests that can help make the show as fun as it can be as well as give insight into what was just seen.

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For Sunday, March 6, 2016, the guests for Talking Dead following episode 612 of AMC’s The Walking Dead look to be a fun and informative group. Here is who fans can expect to see on the couch:

Alanna Masterson

Best known for her role as Tara on AMC’s The Walking Dead, Masterson brings a sense of humor as well as a strong female character to the show. During Talking Dead, she will be able to shed light into her scenes and possibly answer some questions regarding her character and times on the set of the hit zombie survival drama.

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Ross Marquand

As a former comedian turned actor, Marquand has been making headlines recently because of his spot-on quick impressions of celebrities. As one of the fastest rising stars in Hollywood today, he will be able to bring comedy to the show as well as discuss his character Aaron, who helped bring Rick’s group to Alexandria.

J.B. Smoove

The former Def Comedy Jam comedian has found his way into acting, landing gigs on the critical darling Curb Your Enthusiasm and voice acting several great cartoons like American Dad, Black Dynamite, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As a superfan of The Walking Dead, it’s always fun to hear how they interact with the cast of the show.

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Don’t miss AMC’s Talking Dead when it airs on Sunday, March 6. 2016 at 10 pm/9c on AMC. It should help give fans time to absorb everything from this week’s episode of The Walking Dead as well as hopefully provide a few laughs and insights.