The Walking Dead episode 612: Who died in Not Tomorrow Yet?

Morgan Jones - The Walking Dead, AMC
Morgan Jones - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Who died in The Walking Dead: “Not Tomorrow Yet”? Deaths and other losses during episode 12 of season 6 are discussed and there were a lot of them!

More like who didn’t? At least when it comes to the Saviors in The Walking Dead season 6 episode 12.
After carefully crafting a walker head to look like Gregory, our survivors approach the Saviors’ bunkhouse in the dark of night.

The two men on watch accept the faux Gregory head as legit and have a dark chuckle about it. It turns out they actually do have the last laugh as Daryl takes out one and Michonne takes out the other.
What follows is a complete slaughter of the Saviors on site, “save” for the one man that comes tearing out of the building on Daryl’s motorcycle.

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Just when we think the bike thief will be eliminated as well, a female voice comes over a loud speaker announcing that Carol and Maggie are in her custody. This brings an abrupt end to what may have otherwise been a victory celebration.

But a whole boatload of Savior scumbags is not the only thing that perished in this episode.

Rosita - The Walking Dead, AMC
Rosita – The Walking Dead, AMC /

It looks like Abrasita breathes its last breath as Abraham leaves Rosita explaining that he realized she was not the last woman on Earth after all. To add injury to insult, in her moment of despair she turns to find Eugene whose only comfort is talk of a chewy acorn beet cookie.

While we may have seen this breakup coming, who was prepared for a kiss between Carol and Tobin?! Could this be the death of the Caryl ship? Are fans up in arms that Tobin has moved in on who they thought was Daryl’s girl? Truth be told, I thought I saw a spark from Tobin in season 5 when he offers to teach Carol about guns. Who knows what will happen now that Carol is in jeopardy?

Final count: An indeterminate number of Saviors

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But the bigger question concerns whether these barracks were one of multiple Savior locations. So just how many could remain in this villainous group? Tune in next Sunday for more developments on The Walking Dead.