Walking Dead S06E12 Preview: ‘Not Tomorrow Yet’

Walking Dead S06E12 Preview: 'Not Tomorrow Yet' - Photo Credit: AMC / Screencapped.net - Cass
Walking Dead S06E12 Preview: 'Not Tomorrow Yet' - Photo Credit: AMC / Screencapped.net - Cass /

“We Have to Come For Them, Before They Come For Us” – Rick Grimes… Sound familiar?
Break out the jars and eyepatch, because as usual, The Governor was always right on The Walking Dead.

Feel-Good Talks go Bye Bye when there’s no Food…

But you already knew that. That’s why you watch the show, despite potentially arguing against such a concept on social media. It’s why half of Walking Dead fans loved the Governor and the other half despised his very essence. He turned the spotlight right back at the audience.

Many Walking Dead fans couldn’t admit to such uncomfortable truths, while others loved the return to honesty. Now that Rick’s group is doing the same thing the Governor was doing to keep the town of Woodbury afloat, it’s okay? Does Rick know Negan personally? No. Yet, he’s still going to ambush his people on the basis of half reliable stories. After all, he just arrived at a whole new town of people that kind of seem okay, like Terminus. Who’s to say they’re necessarily good or bad?

The Walking Dead S06E12 Trailer

Sure, you can say Negan has a backstory, but if you the viewer, just heard Rick’s backstory would you necessarily immediately take his side? It’s all about a matter of perception on The Walking Dead. Now it’s not a matter of time or choice. In fact, there is no choice. Food is food.

The Governor perceived the next step before it even happened. He knew they would run out of supplies, so why wait until it’s almost time? No need to push to the brink of that reality, but it means dealing with uncomfortable facts.

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“It’s how we keep this place, it’s how we feed this place.” – Rick Grimes

In the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead, for one group to be in abundance and happy, others are inevitably deprived of the same resources.

Sure, on the surface everyone could share, or at least attempt for as long as possible. Yet, there’s always real human obstacles. One person might want more, then another one, while others are dissatisfied, some hoard, and before you know it the system loses a lever somewhere.

Market Leverage

As Gregory so callously but honestly displayed, he has the leverage. “It’s nothing personal”. Greg does not care for Rick’s food shortage, as likely Rick doesn’t care for Greg’s town issues in earnest.

The Walking Dead embodies this very stance. Without modern convenience and abundance, humanity goes right back on the chain links of the food chain. Struggling to hold down all competition for limited resources. As animalistic as can be. George Carlin once said ‘All it would take for everything to back to barbaric times would be something like, oh say eliminating electricity’.

Maggie Negotiates on behalf of Rick and the Saviors

Ah, the art of negotiation. This was Maggie’s highlight scene this season, and it was impressive. Both the changed look in her eyes and the masterful dealing. Sure before in such a situation she would know she had leverage. Yet, before in the time of her father Hershel… She wouldn’t use it. Here we see a different Maggie on The Walking Dead, one with a baby on the way. This is the first scene where we see Maggie in a unique Carol-like light.

At the same time, her deal simply replaces one group getting half with hers. Arriving back at The Governor stance. Sure you can say Rick’s group can just take the food now, ‘the Governor would have done that’. Perhaps, but Rick and The Governor would both know a later confrontation with Negan’s group is inevitable. Why not just get it out of the way now? This also puts them in a leadership role, as the town’s mercenary constables, similar to their induction to Alexandria. The end result is more or less the same, just a bit more civilized on paper.

Competition Never Leaves

It appears gentlemen callers have their eyes on Maggie as of late. Despite being pregnant and constantly mentioning her husband, Greg has his eyes set on Maggie. Even Abraham seemed a bit envious of what Maggie and Glenn have together, and he’s on their side. The message is competition never leaves, not for a single second.

The End of Romance

Abe and Sasha’s potential relationship looks to be on the fritz. The conversation had Abe down and it was quite noticeable all episode. In fact, Abe started thinking back to good times with Rosita and reflected on it. Abe appears to be on the verge of both losing it or just attempting to settle down.

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Abe and Rosita looked to have a good thing going on The Walking Dead. It seemed he wanted to see her in the same way earlier in the episode a towns member mentioned viewing his wife again. Abe has never been the same since the Eugene revelation.

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