The Walking Dead: Abraham is not the last man on earth

Rosita Espinosa. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Rosita Espinosa. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

Rosita Espinosa and Abraham Ford were a power couple on The Walking Dead for Eugene’s mission to head to Washington D.C. to save the world. The mission is over.

“Rosita Espinosa you are damn near perfection.” Why would someone consider leaving someone who is damn near perfection? “You can’t teach chemistry.” Sometimes you just don’t feel it. It’s just not there anymore.

Abraham and Rosita needed each other. Rosita supported Abe unconditionally with his bossiness and his tunnel vision during the mission days with Eugene.

People break up all the time for all different reasons. The person who is getting left usually wants to know why. But does it really matter why? What will that change? Are you going to understand and say, “Oh, okay. I get it. See ya.”

No. You want to know why so you can defend yourself and help the person change their mind and decide to stay, You want to promise you’ll change. Things will be different. You’ll work it out.

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You want to know if there is someone else? Many people wait until they really do have someone else lined up to get the courage to leave what they have. They figure something is better than nothing.

Abraham leaving Rosita seemed capricious and cruel. But he knew staying was more cruel. He didn’t love her. Maybe he didn’t have a chance with Sasha, but he wasn’t going to wait to leave Rosita for Sasha. He was leaving Rosita for the promise of Sasha or of someone like Sasha.

Abraham is Abraham. He doesn’t know how to do subtle. He told Rosita the truth. He gave her a truth that she can take for herself as well. Now that they have found Alexandria, she can open her eyes to the bigger world around them. She can find out that the world isn’t over.

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Rosita has Tara and Eugene. She has started to get to know Spencer. She is a fighter, a teacher and a woman. She may not be the last woman on earth. But Abraham is not the last man in earth either.