The Walking Dead: Glenn’s gift to Heath

Revolving door. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Revolving door. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

On the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, Glenn Rhee and Heath talked about being lucky. Heath’s luck continued in some ways thanks to Glenn.

Glenn and Heath were both nervous about the plan. They knew they were probably going to have to do something neither one had ever done before–kill another human being.

Both of them knew they had been lucky that they had never had to kill yet. It maybe wasn’t a conscious choice. If the situation had presented itself before, maybe they would have already had the horrible experience, but they were lucky.

This luck wasn’t going to last much longer. Both of them have seen horrible things. Glenn was certainly remembering watching Noah get torn apart in front of him and witnessing his friends killing the Termites in the church.

Glenn is smart enough to know that as horrible as those things were and how much they affected him, killing someone has to be worse. Heath had a tough lesson given to him straight by Michonne back at the pet store and he knows things are worse than he ever knew.

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Glenn has a family to think about now. His first kill is up close and personal. It’s quiet. It’s like a walker kill only it’s a sleeping human. It’s as heartbreaking to watch as it was to watch Noah get ripped apart. A part of Glenn was ripped out with that kill.

Once he did it, he knew he couldn’t go back. He could do it again, if it meant giving Heath a little more time on the other side. They would both be on the other side soon enough after opening the door to all the bloody Saviors on the floor, Jesus joining the club.

The Polaroids of what these people do and are proud of doing reinforced to Glenn, Heath and the audience the despicable nature of this group that killed someone as a how do you do and takes half of Hilltop’s supplies as payment for not killing more of them.

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Just because it’s warranted. Just because it’s necessary. Just because it’s just. None of that matters. None of that makes it easy. None of that makes it trivial or untroubling.

Glenn and Heath shared something beautiful and sad. They shared important words in the woods and wordless experience in the compound. They are forever changed. They have entered the next world.