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Who will be the guests on the couch for AMC’s Talking Dead the week of The Walking Dead episode 613 titled ‘The Same Boat’ on Sunday, March 13, 2016?

Each week, AMC’s Talking Dead sheds a lot of light on new episodes of The Walking Dead with their post-show. Sometimes, it is nice to take the time after an emotional or action-packed episode to decompress and absorb everything that happened.

Thankfully, there will be another new episode of Chris Hardwick’s show on Sunday, March 13, 2016 to help discuss episode 613 of The Walking Dead, which is titled “The Same Boat” and will continue telling the story of Alexandria’s assault on The Saviors and show how the group survives under the guidance of Rick Grimes.

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Sunday’s episode of Talking Dead looks to be a great one, with three guests scheduled to be on hand to talk about everything zombie related after The Walking Dead. There will be one prominent film director, one actress from the show, and one guest that should be able to shed some light on a major scene from the program.

Here are the guests who will be on the couch with Chris Hardwick during next week’s episode of Talking Dead:

Paul Feig

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There is a lot of buzz about the upcoming Ghostbusters film, and Feig is the man tasked with directing that film. In addition, he also directed hit movies like Bridesmaids, The Heat, and Spy. Feig is one of the most successful and influential directors in the world today, and is a superfan of AMC’s zombie survival drama.

Melissa McBride

Bringing the character of Carol Peletier to life, McBride is arguably the best acting cast member on The Walking Dead. She has given fans of the show so many dramatic moments that it is difficult to choose her defining moment on the show. With Carol’s current situation, she should be a great addition to the couch of Talking Dead.

Surprise Guest!

Oh boy. I know Chris Hardwick claims that a mystery guest doesn’t always mean bad news, but that is the case more often than not. Still, there will be a spot available on the couch for someone unexpected and whoever it is will likely have a major impact on Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead.

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Don’t miss Talking Dead when it airs on Sunday, March 13, 2016 at 10 pm/9c immediately following The Walking Dead episode 613, titled “The Same Boat.” Chris Hardwick, Paul Feig, Melissa McBride and the dreaded mystery guest should have plenty to discuss following what should be another riveting episode of AMC’s zombie drama.