The Walking Dead: What is Morgan building and why? [SPOILERS]

Morgan Jones - The Walking Dead, AMC
Morgan Jones - The Walking Dead, AMC /

During episode 612 of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Morgan Jones was seen building something in Alexandria. But what was he making and why is it important?

While Rick Grimes and many of the other survivors on The Walking Dead were executing their assault on The Saviors, something else was going on in Alexandria that wasn’t made a big deal, but could be very important to the future on AMC’s zombie survival drama.

In a scene that was only happening for a short period of time, Morgan Jones was seen welding some metal in what looked like a basement of a house. Behind him, you could see the cement walls between the flashes of the sparks bouncing off his mask.

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But, the big question about this scene is what is means. What is Morgan making? Why is he making it? And why is this important enough to be discussed instead of some of the other, more action packed moments from The Walking Dead‘s 12th episode of season 6?


Morgan’s needs to emulate his mentor Eastman might be a bit too extreme. Many of the teachings of “the cheesemaker” have rubbed off on his pupil, but now Morgan seems to be taking things to another level.

Fans of The Walking Dead‘s comic book series know that later on in the series, a jail cell is constructed for holding people who commit crimes or need to be reformed in the basement of a house in Alexandria. Since the concrete walls already are in place, the only thing needed would be the bars for the cell. And that is likely what is being made by Morgan.

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Still, there is no reason to make this cell right now. There is no need to detain anyone at this moment, but there could be some great reasons why Morgan beginning his construction.

  • Morgan feels alienated. After a town hall meeting where Morgan’s ideas were immediately dismissed, there is a chance he wants to return to a cell himself to shut himself out of the outside world and take away the threats of outside forces.
  • The Wolf and Jesus’ escapes scared him. Morgan’s member of The Wolves escaped from being held in Alexandria and so did Jesus. Perhaps Morgan just wants to make sure that the next time someone needs to be contained that they wouldn’t be able to escape as easily as in the past.
  • Morgan is planning on locking up Rick. This would be extreme, but not outside of what Morgan’s philosophies are. Rick suggesting a massacre of the The Saviors without ever meeting them might be enough to make Morgan think that his leadership is dangerous to Alexandria.

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Hopefully, the question is answered as to why Morgan is constructing this holding cell in next week’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, which is set to air on Sunday, March 13, 2016. Don’t miss “The Same Boat” as there are many questions, including Morgan’s intentions, that need to be answered soon.