The Walking Dead: What’s next against The Saviors? [Spoilers]

Maggie Greene and Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead, AMC
Maggie Greene and Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Rick Grimes and the people of Alexandria assaulted The Saviors on The Walking Dead last week, but what is next for AMC’s hit zombie survival drama?

The Walking Dead is in an odd place on the hit AMC zombie survival drama. Following the events of episode 612, titled “Not Tomorrow Yet”, Rick Grimes and the people of Alexandria just executed an assault on The Saviors that didn’t quite go as planned. Now, the group will need to devise a plan to get Carol and Maggie back from Negan’s group.

While that is likely what the plot of the next episode will be, it’s also possible that some of the other characters will have their storylines told during that time. Episode 613 titled “The Same Boat” will air on Sunday, March 13, 2016, but fans could get some insight into what might happen by taking a look into the pages of the comic book series.

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In the comics, the Alexandrians suffered some pretty serious losses in the assault against The Saviors. However, there are many different characters and situations from the AMC show to the comic books that could make the story very different on the small screen.. This makes trying to figure out what is next a little more difficult than usual, but let’s take a look anyway!


In the comics, there are some things that happen before this point on the show. Here are a couple of those:

Abraham comes to talk to Rosita after their breakup, but Eugene shuts him down and insinuates that he’s with her now. As soon as Abe leaves, Rosita corrects Eugene, letting him know that they are NOT a couple in a matter-or-fact way.

Rick and the group return to Alexandria but realize they are being followed by The Saviors. All but one member are killed by Michonne and Andrea, and Rick tells him to return to Negan. The man tells Rick that he is Negan. That they are ALL Negan.

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Abraham is on patrol and notices that Eugene is getting in shape in a possible attempt to court Rosita when an arrow pierces Abe’s head, killing him. It is revealed that it is Dwight was the culprit (possibly using Daryl’s precious crossbow if this is used on the the TV show).

Now, we’re all caught up with the timeline of the AMC show. Here is what happens next:

  • Three members of The Saviors keep an eye out on Alexandria from a distance. They observe the community and sneak up behind a van full of Alexandrians (Rick, Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Sophia, Michonne, and Heath) making them kneel on the ground. This is when Negan is introduced and says he wants some payback for the deaths of his men, crushing Glenn’s skull with his barbed wire baseball bat called Lucille.
  • The van continues to The Hilltop, where a service for Glenn is held and it is revealed that Dwight was captured during an earlier attack on the community. They use him to get more information about Negan and The Saviors even though he is very reluctant to give up any information.

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Keep in mind that things change at a moment’s notice on The Walking Dead and episodes of AMC’s show don’t always follow along with the comic book. We’ll find out more about the future of these characters, most notably Glenn and Abraham, in “The Same Boat” which is episode 613 of The Walking Dead airing on March 13, 2016 at 9 pm/8c.

**Updated 3/10/16** for an error regarding the crossbow’s origin. Thanks to Brian Trotman on Facebook for pointing it out.