The Walking Dead: Zombie Bratwurst

Kent's Bratwurst.
Kent's Bratwurst. /

Walkers don’t cook. Or do they? When the actors who play walkers in The Walking Dead watch their walkers on television, they need a little zombie food!

We love our walkers here at Undead Walking. The walkers are what the show is all about. I know. The show is about the survivors and how they deal with the breakdown of civilization and blah, blah, blah. But the cause of the breakdown of civilization in The Walking Dead is the Z word!

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Our zombies are gorgeous. They are brilliant works of art. The actors who bring them to undead life are choreographers of chilling dances of dead who yearn for life by eating the living.

I’ve had the good fortune of meeting some of the actors who portray many different walkers through Facebook and Twitter and even in person. They are very kind and hard-working people who love what they do and are thrilled to see themselves on screen in the episodes.

Something you may not realize is that they don’t always know when and how their walkers fit into the story and if and when they’ll make it on screen and really oddly, how they will look on television.

No cellphones are allowed on set so they don’t have pictures or selfies to remember their walker looks after the day ends and the prosthetics are taken off and their faces are cleaned up.

Kent Wagner is one of the walkers who has a fan page on Facebook. He shared a recipe for bratwurst that he was making one night that would be great for a Sunday night of zombie watching or a summer The Walking Dead marathon.

Kent Wagner. Walker. The Walking Dead. AMC
Kent Wagner. Walker. The Walking Dead. AMC /

Here is Kent’s recipe for Zombie brats in Kent’s words, which give it great zombie personality!

"First ingredient, beer. Ya gotta have beer. Then some Vidalia onions-thinly sliced are nice. A few HEAPING teaspoons of butter. Then some original Johnsonville Brats. Mix that bath up and let it go. It’s cooking those sensitive brats that’s the tricky part. Don’t let those puppies pop. Low/Med heat and stay on top of those jokers. When you got ’em cooked nice, let ’em sit in that sweet bath for a while. Then place on a nice bun, (no hotdog buns, they deserve better than that). Then smother in those marinated Vidalias and add mustard. Just saying."

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There you have it! An official recipe from a real live, undead walker from The Walking Dead! Maybe we can get a zombie cookbook of sorts started here at Undead Walking. If walkers or cast or crew from The Walking Dead  or Fear the Walking Dead or Flight 462 would like to send their favorite recipes my way, I will certainly write them up!