Talking Dead Recap: Episode 613

Melissa McBride. Talking Dead. AMC.
Melissa McBride. Talking Dead. AMC. /

Famous director Paul Feig, Melissa McBride and a surprise guest were on the Talking Dead couch tonight to discuss episode 613 of The Walking Dead with Mr. Chris Hardwick.

Carol’s biggest fear is herself according to Melissa. Chris Hardwick was practically stuttering trying to figure out what to say at the beginning of the show. He wondered if Carol was acting or if there was truth in her story.

Melissa said they played it foggy on purpose for the audience to determine what was ruse and what was real in terms of her interaction and engagement with Paula.

Alicia Witt was the surprise guest. She was thrilled to be part of The Walking Dead even for a short time, especially in such a great episode with a parallel relationship with Carol.

In Memoriam included some epic walker kills, Donnie, some Saviors, Primo, Molly, Chelle, and Paula.

Lauren Cohan (in behind-the-scenes interviews) talked about how much she enjoyed working with Carol and how much she had wanted to have Carol and Maggie have scenes together for so long. She also described a great fan encounter at a Starbucks drive through window.

Paul Feig brought up the obvious: things are catching up to the characters. He thought that it wasn’t surprising that Carol had a crisis of conscience, but he doesn’t think it will stop her. The majority of fans were not surprised in the poll either.

Alicia Witt talked about how her character had in fact lost her humanity. Melissa thought Paula mirrored Carol in most ways except that Carol still feels. Paula said that she stopped feeling once her kills reached double digits.

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Melissa talked about how Carol can be vulnerable with Daryl. She allowed herself to say that she was not okay. She talked about how some of the tears with Paula were real. When she talked about her faith getting her through the loss of her daughter, those tears were real. Melissa is a great Talking Dead guest!

The fan question was about Carol’s feelings with the burning. Melissa said she thought about Karen and David and also her own fate burning in hell. Our fan question asker got binoculars and a walkie talkie.

Alicia Witt told a great story of a line that got cut (for good reason) about how Paula told Carol something about how she might have been someone she would have sent funny cat picture emails to before all this. Fun story, but good call on the edit! Alicia thought if Paula would have been found by Rick’s group she might have had a chance to be turned around.

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We had some behind-the-scenes stuff on the fight scene and the walker bites and a sneak peek of next week’s episode.  Paul Feig was a nice guest. He let the girls do most of the talking, but he had good comments. He thought the Saviors needed to go because they called the walkers the lame term growlers!

Next week guests will be Christian Serratos, Josh McDermitt.