The Walking Dead 614: Twice As Far promotional teaser videos

Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead, AMC
Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead, AMC /

“Twice As Far” is the 14th episode of The Walking Dead’s sixth season and two preview videos have been released to help fans make it to March 20, 2016.

AMC’s The Walking Dead looks to slow things down a bit following an action-packed and intense group of episodes highlighting an attack on The Saviors. Now, the group is to return home to Alexandria, where they have the new supplies from The Hilltop to get prepare for the future.

Still, as fans of the hit zombie survival drama know, things don’t always go as planned and there are still several great plots going on that don’t involve Negan and The Saviors. Hopefully, we’ll get to see how things are going in Alexandria, what some of the other characters are up to, and how this assault on The Saviors impacted Rick’s group.

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Thankfully, we won’t have to wait until Sunday to get a sneak peek at episode 614 of The Walking Dead, titled “Twice As Far”. AMC has provided fans with two teaser videos to help hold fans over until next week when the hit zombie drama returns to television.

Here is the teaser that was shown after last week’s episode of The Walking Dead as hosted on the official AMC YouTube account:

Alexandria seems to be on high alert. Armed survivors are walking the streets of the community in a patrol. Meanwhile, Carol and Daryl are talking about Daryl’s encounter with Dwight and Honey, when he says the he should have killed them instead of showing mercy. Then came the rapid fire scenes, including Abraham and Eugene on patrol, Tara looking into a car with a zombie inside, rosita with a flashlight, Daryl and Denise with a truck, and more. However, the most notable was Rick looking at the bars that Morgan was welding in episode 612.

The next promo aired during Talking Dead. Here it is from the official AMC website:

This is a bigger version of the scene between Carol and Daryl from the first clip. They talk about Daryl getting his motorcycle back and his encounter with Dwight and Honey. As in the clip above, Daryl says that he should have killed them rather than let them live.

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Don’t miss “Twice As Far” when episode 614 of The Walking Dead airs on March 20, 2016. With only three episodes left until the season 6 finale, things are going to keep heating up and problems will continue to arise. It should be must-watch television, so circle your calendars and get the couch ready for some zombie action next Sunday!