The Walking Dead: I am Negan

Paula - The Walking Dead, AMC
Paula - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Comic readers have been waiting for Negan. Who is Negan? I am Negan. Negan is coming on The Walking Dead. Or is Negan already here? What’s going on here?

Jesus said Negan is the leader of a group called the Saviors. These Saviors have names: T, Polly, Molly, Chelle, Primo, Donnie. But they say they are Negan. I am Negan. We’re all Negan. What does that mean, Carol wanted to know.

Does Negan train them to say they are all Negan? Is it a solidarity thing? We’re all in this together. You’re not killing and stealing and collecting food for me, you’re doing it for all of us! We’re all in the same boat.

The Je suis Charlie concept? That could be me. There but for the grace of God go I? A poetic motto for The Saviors? They’re saving themselves in this crazy zombie apocalypse and they need a way to give themselves strength. Strength of mythical proportions.

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Perhaps to these Saviors Negan is mythical. Maybe they’ve never met Negan. Maybe they’ve only dealt with representatives of the man himself. Photos, food, and protection might just be enough to sway desperate people to become new Negans.

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Then there is the possible connection to everyone in the apocalypse. Is Negan trying to say we’re all him meaning that we all do what we have to do to survive.

Is he trying to deflect? Trying to absolve himself of guilt or responsibility for his actions because he’s just doing what we all do. He’s just doing what’s necessary to keep living. He’s offering a little something in return after all.

I’m not a comic reader so I’m offering my observations completely based on the television show alone. I know that Negan is indeed a person because I’ve heard of Lucille and I’m aware of the casting of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the man himself.

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I’ve read a little from Scott Gimple about Negan’s charismatic personality, but I’m generally content to wait and see. I don’t want to know what the comics hold. I like the television show purity. Yes, I’m aware of the backwards irony of that.

Here are my questions going forward. Is Rick Negan? Are we all Negan? Can we stop being Negan?