The Walking Dead: Who died in The Same Boat?

Carol Peletier (Mellissa McBride) and MaggieGreene (Lauren Cohan) in Episode 13Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Carol Peletier (Mellissa McBride) and MaggieGreene (Lauren Cohan) in Episode 13Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

Everyone was on pins and needles wondering who was going to make it out of The Walking Dead season 6 episode 13 alive? Longtime survivors Maggie Greene and Carol Peletier (#Marol) were taken hostage by group of Negan’s Saviors. The pair is taken to a safe house to await backup from more of Negan’s group.  Maggie and Carol were certainly outnumbered.  Not only that, but Carol does not seem to be on her best game as she is really struggling with her past and the lives she has taken.  Let’s take a look at who survived ‘The Same Boat’ and who did not.

Already vulnerable

We have a couple of characters in this category. Donnie was one of the four captors. He is suffering from a gunshot wound inflicted upon him by Carol.  We later find out that Carol could have made that a fatal shot but couldn’t bring herself to do it at the time.  So we have Donnie bleeding out with a makeshift tourniquet.  Frustrated with fellow Savior, and girlfriend, Paula, Donnie wants to eliminate Carol for good. He quickly gets knocked out after attempting to shoot Carol.  He lies on the floor and is assumed to be unconscious.

Molly, or “Molls” for short, is a chain smoker coughing up blood.  When Carol tells her that smoking can kill her, she laughs and reveals the blood from her cough.  She tells Carol they are in “the same boat”, both women on the verge of death one way or another.

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Tough girls

We also have the ragtag group’s leader, Paula, played by Alicia Witt. Paula puts up a very tough exterior, but we learn she was not always so far removed from her humanity. Much like Carol, Paula used to yield to the abuse or dominance of a male figure, and she, too, had been a mother.

Next we have ‘Chelle, a gun-toting gal spouting threats to our beloved Carol and Maggie.  ‘Chelle is more of a foil for Maggie, having been a young pregnant woman recently herself.  We are led to believe that she experienced a miscarriage during the plight of our apocalyptic world.

The other hostage

Paula’s group is not the only one who has taken a prisoner or two.  Rick’s group has Primo, another member of the Saviors group, in their grasp.  Rick wants to trade Primo for the safe return of Carol and Maggie.  Donnie suggests that Primo has some medical training and we hope that this will create leverage for Rick’s group.

The outcome

Paula suspects that Rick’s group is nearby because she no longer hears static coming from Rick’s walkie. Paula, Molls, and ‘Chelle leave Carol and Maggie behind as they go  to investigate and prepare for unwanted visitors.  Carol and Maggie are bound with duct tape, so surely nothing can go wrong.  Ha!

Carol cuts herself free using a rosary.  She finds Maggie in the adjacent room trying to free herself as well, and helps cut her loose.  They discover that Donnie is not just unconscious but dead and turning.  One Savior down.

They weaponize walker Donnie by tying him to a pipe so that he can bite Molls as she returns to the room. Two Saviors down.

More from Undead Walking

Carol and Maggie now have now acquired a couple of weapons. The two next encounter ‘Chelle. Maggie and ‘Chelle go toe to toe until ‘Chelle slices at Maggie’s stomach. Carol will not have this and shoots ‘Chelle without hesitation. Three Saviors down.

When Marol (you knew I would use that again!) finally catch up with Paula, Carol points the gun on the bossy redhead but struggles to pull the trigger.  A hand to hand combat battle ensues, but Paula loses when Carol shoves her into a walker who swiftly bites Paula’s face.  Four Saviors down.

Meanwhile, Paula’s backup group has arrived.  Carol and Maggie light a cigarette (thanks, Molls!) and drop it in the room with the backup Saviors.  And, yes, there was just enough gasoline in there to light up the room and extinguish the three men.  Eight Saviors down.

Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) in Episode 13 Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead
Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and MaggieGreene (Lauren Cohan) in Episode 13Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC, The Walking Dead /

The Cavalry arrives.

Rick and crew open the door to find Maggie pointing a gun at them.  We see another beautiful Glenn and Maggie reunion.

But Rick is ready to get down to the business of interrogating Primo.  When Primo makes the mistake of claiming that he is Negan, Rick takes him out with one shot.  Nine Saviors down.

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All threats have been eliminated.  Or have they? I think we all agree that our favorite survivors are definitely not out of the woods for long.  But we can all take a huge sigh of relief that our two female warriors made it out alive in ‘The Same Boat’.

Final death count: 9 Saviors 

So, just how nervous were you during this installment of The Walking Dead?  Let us know in the Comments section.  Until next week . . .