The Walking Dead: Whose death would hit Alexandria the hardest?

The Walking Dead season 6 cast - The Walking Dead, AMC
The Walking Dead season 6 cast - The Walking Dead, AMC /

There are many great characters still alive in the second half of The Walking Dead’s sixth season, but whose death would hurt the community the most?

In the world of AMC’s The Walking Dead, there is safety in numbers. However, when most groups assemble, some people in it are more valuable than others.

Whether a character represents something, has an important job, or has emotional connections to the others, there is always the thought of what would happen if that character died. So far during season 6, the losses have been minimal, with very few long-term characters losing their lives and fewer of those having major ramifications.

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Thanks to Suzanne Johnson on Facebook, a question really got us thinking. Here is the question she sent in for us:

"“Other than the Grimes family, whose death would have the biggest impact on the future Alexandria?”"

We passed that question along to Su Castillo, Timothy Michael, and Michael Tiberi of The Walking Dead After Show on to hear their answers and see who they felt would make the biggest impact on the community if they died. Here was their response, thanks to the video on TheStreamTV’s YouTube account:

Just like last week’s episode of The Walking Dead After Show, Su, Michael, and Timothy all agreed that other than the Grimes’, Maggie would be the biggest loss. She has major ties to several of the main characters and a prominent spot in Alexandria’s system of survival. Not only that, but her pregnancy also gives hope to survivors for the future of the community.

While it’s hard to disagree with Maggie being the choice there, there is another option that makes sense. Although she’s not a major player in many episodes, Denise might be the most valuable person in the entire community. Her intelligence and decision making are important, as well has her honesty, but the importance of having a medical expert on hand could outweigh the emotional aspects of losing someone like Maggie.

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Also, congratulations go out to Timothy Michael of The Walking Dead After Show on his recent engagement! Best of luck to him and his partner going forward.