The Walking Dead: Preapocalypse stuff and things

The Hilltop. The Walking Dead. AMC
The Hilltop. The Walking Dead. AMC /

We know what some of the characters did for jobs before the apocalypse on The Walking Dead, but what about other things like sports, music, and hobbies? What were our survivors like before?

Of course, we will never know, but it might be fun to imagine. Back at holiday time I imagined what some of the holiday traditions and decorations might be like for our characters.

Would they get together with family or friends? Would their houses be peaceful or chaotic and full of family arguments? Would they have real trees or artificial trees? White lights or multicolored? Things like that.

What about other aspects of the survivors’ former lives? What did they like to do? Were they good students? What were their favorite subjects in school? Did they participate in sports? Were they in clubs? Was anyone homecoming queen or student council president?

Was Andrea or Lori or Sasha in a sorority in college? Was Philip in a fraternity? What was Eugene’s favorite subject? What pizza place did Glenn work for? Was he going to school at the same time?

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Were Carl and Sophia in soccer or little league or hockey? Did Ed show up at soccer games? Did Rick coach tee-ball? Did Rick and Shane play on the police softball team or bowling league? Was anyone in band or choir?

What kind of music did they like? Who liked country music? Pop? Rap? R&B, oldies, Motown, classic rock, metal, alternative? What about movies and TV? Who loved horror movies? Who loved Sci-fi or comedy?

This might be a fun activity for a viewing party. Have a character list and spaces for each category. Make categories like sports, music, movies, school subjects, etc. Have your guests fill in ideas for each category.

You could even do it in reverse. Make cards with specific things in it like names of movies, songs, singers, television shows, sports, etc. Then go through and decide which characters would have liked them.

Maybe Carl loved skateboarding, rap music and horror movies. Andrea played volleyball, read murder mysteries and liked Classic rock. T-dog loved football, Law and Order SVU and majored in business in college at Georgia Tech and rooted for the Atlanta sports teams.

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Give it a try. Think of all the ordinary things in life. Likes, dislikes, hobbies, favorite colors, favorite teams, music, movies, sports, part-time jobs in high school, favorite school subjects, etc. What do you think they were for our survivors before the apocalypse?