The Walking Dead season 6 finale will be 90 minutes long

Walking Dead S06E13 Preview: 'The Same Boat' - Photo Credit : AMC / - Cass
Walking Dead S06E13 Preview: 'The Same Boat' - Photo Credit : AMC / - Cass /

It was recently announced on that the season 6 finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead will be a 90-minute episode and will feature the character of Negan.

Fans who love watching every minute of AMC’s zombie survival drama The Walking Dead are in for a big treat the day of the season 6 finale. Not only can they relive some of their favorite moments from this season, but they get a supersized episode as well as a little bit of Fear The Walking Dead.

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According to the listings on, The Walking Dead will kick off a season 6 marathon starting at 8 pm/7 c on Saturday, April 2, 2016 with episode 1 titled “First Time Again” and will continue in order until episode 8 titled “Start To Finish” concludes at 5 am/4c on April 3rd.

But there’s more!

Immediately after those 8 episodes of The Walking Dead, season 6 will start all over again, with “First Time Again” but run all the way through to the finale, which will air at 9 pm/8c as usual. However. the episode will finish at 10:30 pm/9:30 c, meaning that it will be 90 minutes long.

Listings from - AMC
Listings from – AMC /

Many fans are excited about the possibility of Negan’s debut during The Walking Dead’s season 6 finale, as his appearance will start a chain reaction of events that will leave the AMC show much different than it ever was before. While there is still a chance he could appear before that, speculation is that his first episode on-screen will be a major game-changer and leave fans breathless.

As usual, when The Walking Dead has a super-sized episode, the post-show Talking Dead will be pushed back. Instead of airing at the usual 10 pm/9c time slot, it will be a half hour later to accommodate for the longer episode.

If you still haven’t gotten your fix of zombies by the time you’ve watched all that, Fear The Walking Dead will air its first episode of season 1 at that time, but it isn’t known if that will be the start of another marathon or if it is just a single episode.

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Don’t miss any of the great zombie action when The Walking Dead unveils another great 90-minute episode and a big marathon to help fans get ready for the long break between seasons. At least fans can be happy knowing that 15 episodes of Fear The Walking Dead can help ease the pain of waiting, which, according to Tom Petty, is the hardest part.