The Walking Dead T-Shirt: Alexandria Is For Lovers


If you haven’t watched Sunday’s episode yet, don’t read on.

It has been a rough ride for the residents of Alexandria this season, and Sunday’s antepenultimate episode was no exception. Between Denise’s eye-popping death, Abe and Eugene’s rocky bromance and Carol’s sudden departure, we’re still recovering from all of the heartbreak wrought by the latest installment of The Walking Dead.

Despite the brutal state of the world and seemingly endless stream of gut-wrenching losses, love is in the air for our survivors! To celebrate our favorite post-apocalyptic couples (and Eugene’s epic fashion sense), Undead Walking has partnered with BreakingT to bring you the “Alexandria is for Lovers” t-shirt (team Richonne, anyone?!). With Negan’s crew set on revenge and Dwight’s team threatening the Alexandria Safe Zone, we should probably be more worried about the safety and well-being of the main characters than their love lives (but we just can’t stop trying to make “Caryl” happen . . .).

Fans who know The Walking Dead realize all too well that these relationships come at a hefty price (the closer they get, the more they have to lose), and any shred of happiness is almost guaranteed to be a harbinger of something even more painful to come. And let’s be honest: on The Walking Dead, it is pretty much an inevitability that something really bad is about to go down. But in the meantime, there is love in the time of zombies, and we’re just going to go ahead and enjoy it – while it lasts.

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BreakingT specializes in what they call “real time apparel”, so expect to see another TWD shirt or two as the season wraps up this spring. Their team of graphic designers will continue to be glued to AMC on Sunday nights, until switching over to HBO for the new season of Game of Thrones.

All of BreakingT’s shirts are printed in limited batches.

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