Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 parts 1-15

female passenger, Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 part 8 - AMC
female passenger, Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 part 8 - AMC /

Flight 462 is beginning its final descent. Catch up on this mini-series from the beginning so you are prepared for arrival when season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead departs.

Flight 462 departed last October in 45 second installments during commercial breaks of The Walking Dead as a mini-series and webisode supplement to Fear the Walking Dead promising that we might see one or more of these passengers or crew members connect with our characters in season 2 of our apocalypse exploration in Los Angeles.

Some fans have been keeping up with our flight adventures and others may not even be aware that the infected have been aboard a plane this entire time. Whatever the case may be for you, we have all of the installments as one webisode playlist for you to revisit or watch for the first time, including the brand new part 15, which is available now on the AMC app and will be shown this week during episode 15 of The Walking Dead. 

We started with an average flight preparing for take off. The flight is headed for LAX. It seems to be delayed on the ground, but it soon takes off. We have a boy who made it on stand by, but his mom didn’t make it and will have to take the next flight or even drive to meet the dad who is already there.

We have Marcus, who is irritated by the delay and feeling lousy. He makes use of the vomit bag. An assortment of passengers: Marcus’ wife, a knitter, a sleeper, a woman in am army jacket, and the US Air Marshal to name a few.

We know what’s coming as the audience, of course. We want zombies! We want zombies! A sick Marcus makes it toward to bathroom and is more than sick. The Air Marshal and Charlie, army jacket girl, lock him in the bathroom. We figure out pretty quickly that Ms, Charlie has some zombie knowledge, but we don’t know how or why.

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Of course, Marcus’ wife just wants to tell him she loves him and when she thinks he’s dead because there’s no noise coming from the lavatory, she starts to open the…whoosh, flying zombie Marcus gets a bite of her!

Air Marshal, using non-zombie training, extracts him and shoots him. We know how much good that does, don’t we?! His zombie strength knocks the gun and redirects one of the bullets toward a window. By the time Charlie tells him to shoot him in the head, the bullets are gone.

Thank goodness for Miss Knitter. Jake from StandBy, passes her needle to Charlie and we have a kill. Reminder: They have no idea what’s going on. It wouldn’t be an automatic reaction to do this. It’s horrifying to the passengers.

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In our latest installment we are prepping for landing. Oxygen masks are dropping everywhere. Passengers are finding seats to buckle in and hold on. Charlie confesses to Jake that she got the last standby seat. She got his mother’s seat.

I’m sorry.

I would love to see Charlie, Jake, the Air Marshall or the flight attendant on season 2 of Fear. Whom would you like to see again?