The Walking Dead: Is Carol fulfilling her comic book role?

Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead -- AMC
Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, The Walking Dead -- AMC /

Carol Peletier is struggling mentally on AMC’s The Walking Dead and might be going down a similar path the character did in the pages of the comic books.

There is no denying that Carol Peletier is a very different character when comparing her role on AMC’s The Walking Dead to her comic book counterpart. However, things seem to be pointing her in a similar direction and she may suffer the same way she did in the comics.

As most fans of the series know, Carol has long been dead in the comic book series. Her character in the comics struggled mentally in a big way after losing her boyfriend Tyreese and living through the events with her former husband. She always had a need for companionship, always needing someone to validate her existence. And after being turned down by Lori, she fell into a deep depression and asked Lori to help keep an eye on Sophia.

Of course, this isn’t like Carol on AMC’s hit show, but there is some fear that her emotions are overwhelming her. Instead of depression, Carol has let guilt take over, and she is struggling to accept the person she has become. Like in the comics, she has fled from the rest of the group to a secluded area to be by herself…but that was when things got really dark for her. In fact, Carol feels so bad about herself in the comics that she allows herself to be bitten by a zombie in the neck rather than keep living the way she was.

Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead, Image Comics and Skybound
Carol Peletier – The Walking Dead, Image Comics and Skybound /

While The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has gone on record saying that Carol is the one character who is safe from death on the show for the time being, he has been known to stretch the truth before. Killing off Carol on the show would be a heartbreaking moment and would help show that even the strongest characters have weaknesses that can push them to the limits.

While it would be sad to say goodbye to actress Melissa McBride, it is amazing that her character has survived as long as she has on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Watching her overcome abuse, become strong enough to save everyone at Terminus, and show her more human side with her guilt has been a great tip for Carol to take viewers on, but there isn’t much left to her story that needs telling.

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At this point, it is unknown if AMC will go down a similar route with Carol for this storyline on The Walking Dead. However, if they were to decide to kill of the character, this situation would be great for the show to use to get a big emotional moment from their viewers. Saying goodbye would be hard for fans, but the hit program could really get people talking with a big moment like this.