The Walking Dead: Eugene, Denise and Daryl memes

Dr. Denise Cloyd - The Walking Dead, AMC
Dr. Denise Cloyd - The Walking Dead, AMC /

The second half of season 6 of The Walking Dead has been so strong… for memes! Each week has given memers at least solid topic. This week had more than one.

What’s one of the best ways to deal with intense subjects? Humor! Gallows humor is perfect for The Walking Dead. Memes are a great way to express gallows humor in the quickest most effective way these days in the Internet with social media and photos from the show.

So far since the return of The Walking Dead for the second half of season 6 we’ve seen some Carl eye puns, a bunch of Jesus jokes, some “we’re all Negan” memes and a whole lot of Bisquick.

Last week we added more eye puns with Denise and Carl, stick shift and Orange pop jokes, and a whole lot of nuts. With memes nothing is off limits and it’s never too soon.

Here we have Eugene’s new hairstyle and new attitude.

FB_IMG_1458877166445 /

Poor Daryl will certainly miss Denise. She was like a sister to him. Orange pop will never be the same.

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Awww. And Denise can’t help him learn when to shift.

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But Daryl did get his crossbow back. So that’s something.

Screenshot_2016-03-25-11-08-45-1 /

But here come the eye puns. Carl Poppa!

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At least Carl has a sense of humor about it. But dang Rick.

Screenshot_2016-03-25-11-07-16-1 /

They’re getting a little old, aren’t they? Eye don’t know. Eye like them!

Screenshot_2016-03-25-11-09-43-1 /

If you’re tired of the eye puns, we’ve got new memes that you’ll be nuts about; I promise!

FB_IMG_1458576178972 /
FB_IMG_1458584137168 /
Screenshot_2016-03-25-11-10-14-1 /
Screenshot_2016-03-25-11-08-53-1 /

Did you find any better memes this week? If so, pass them along to us on Twitter or Facebook. Just two more episodes of The Walking Dead this season. It’s impossible to believe. It seems like we were just waiting to see how they would handle that big herd in Alexandria while wearing those walker-guts ponchos.

Next: We're all Negan memes

Now we’ve dealt with that herd, met Jesus, dealt with a few saviors, lost the Andersons, cheered Rick and Michonne, lost Denise, found Daryl’s bike and bow, laughed at Bisquick and feared Negan.

Stay with us at Undead Walking for news, opinions, recaps, and memes. Remember, when The Walking Dead ends, Fear the Walking Dead begins!