The Walking Dead: Carol, Morgan and exile

Carol and The Saviors - The Walking Dead, AMC
Carol and The Saviors - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Carol Peletier has been banished by Rick before; now she’s banished herself. Last time she returned to save her friends. This time will Morgan Jones exile himself in order to help Carol return again?

The last time Carol left on The Walking Dead, Rick made her leave. She found out she could survive on her own. The reason she was forced to leave was that she had killed because she was trying to save the people she loved from the flu that was spreading throughout the prison.

She returned when she saw the smoke from the fall of the prison war with The Governor. She didn’t stop loving the people there because she had been banished. She found Tyreese, Lizzie and Mika. She confessed her crime and received forgiveness from Tyreese. She found a way to save her people.

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Once that task was accomplished, she planned to return to exile. She knew even then that loving these people would require her to do things that were difficult to do and difficult to live with. The most difficult part was that it wasn’t difficult to kill anymore. But Daryl found her during her attempt to get away and they went to find Beth.

Things progressed and now the next world requires what she’s become at times. She saved Alexandria from the Wolves. But Morgan reminded her that she doesn’t like it. So she decided to run away. Run away from the pain. Run away from the people she will have to kill to protect.

But she still has to protect herself. She can’t exile herself from herself, She can’t run away from herself. Maybe Morgan can help her see that. Morgan told Rick that the way he thinks isn’t right. It’s just the wrong that doesn’t pull you down.

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Maybe Morgan’s wrong helped Rick just a tiny bit. Rick is becoming “Clear Rick”. He clears everyone without thinking. When he was happy Rick for a few minutes, he saved Jesus. Even if Rick stays Clear Rick, Morgan got him home for the next part of the fight.

Maybe Morgan can help Carol find the wrong that doesn’t pull her down. The wrong that helps her protect the ones she loves. Not the wrong that destroys her. The wrong that also protects her. The wrong that allows her to allow those she loves to protect her, too.

Maybe Morgan will be that person who loves her enough to protect her by sending her back and exiling himself so he can do the wrong that doesn’t pull him down out there somewhere other than Alexandria where his wrong is pulling him down and even others around him.

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Maybe Morgan and Carol will even work together and find the wrong that helps them save the group captured by Dwight and that group of Saviors. Morgan and Carol are Yin and Yang. They need each other.

The finale is going to be crazy!