The Walking Dead: Keep the zombies in my zombie show

Food pantry walker. Chris Harrelson. The Walking Dead - AMC
Food pantry walker. Chris Harrelson. The Walking Dead - AMC /

I’m as terrified and excited about Negan as everyone else. But the reason I love The Walking Dead is because it’s my special zombie show. I want zombies.

Whenever people talk about The Walking Dead, there is a strange paradox that happens. If people say they don’t like zombies, we defend the show by saying it’s not about the zombies, it’s about the people.

I wrote about that last summer. How we shouldn’t be ashamed to love our zombies. I don’t watch any other zombie shows or movies, except I did watch World War Z. So I’m not a zombie person per se. But I’ve learned about them through The Walking Dead.  

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It’s true, the show is about the people who are surviving and how they respond to the crumbling of civilization. It’s about struggling to hang on to your humanity. Struggling to live with the choices you have to make to survive.

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But it’s about zombies, too. The reason for the crumbling of civilization in our show is zombies. I’ve grown to love the zombies. They are a different threat than the human threats like Negan or Gareth. They don’t mean us any harm.

We don’t suffer any moral dilemmas in killing them. It’s hard on us to do it emotionally, and sometimes physically, because they are housed in human like shells, but by now we know there is no cure. We are not killing people, we are saving ourselves and saving them from wandering in hunger.

I don’t read the comics, but I know there are more communities out there and possibly more threats. I hope The Walking Dead stays on the air for a good long time to come. I just hope they continue to keep making the zombies more interesting and, hopefully, even more ordinary.

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Sometimes our people don’t have to be superhuman. There should be times when they are just tired and when a walker surprises them. Dale’s death was one of the most interesting because he was just walking and the walker caught him and us by surprise. It wasn’t a herd or a struggle. Just an ordinary day. Same with Tyreese.

I want epic and intense and awesome. But I want real and quiet and ordinary. And most of all, I want zombies!