The Walking Dead: The wrong that doesn’t pull you down

Morgan and Rick. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Morgan and Rick. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

On The Walking Dead, Morgan Jones has repeated many of the things Eastman taught him. What he said to Rick in his own words will serve all of them best.

Rick and Carol are on the same path that Morgan travelled. One that led to clearing anyone and everyone in his path without any thought. Morgan ended up in a state where he begged people to kill him.

Eastman was Morgan’s way out. He doesn’t want to give that up. It was Morgan’s way out. But is it the only way out? Carol thinks maybe banishing herself is the way out. We’ve seen that the world won’t allow her to rest. She’s forced to kill for herself even when she doesn’t have to kill for her friends.

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Morgan quotes Eastman when he defends his actions and when he tries to keep himself on the path to maintain his resolve. In the car with Rick, he used his own words. These words just may be the most useful to all of them. He told Rick that what he believes isn’t right. There is no right. There’s only the wrong that doesn’t pull you down.

Rosita has talked about knowing what you’re dying for, living knowing you didn’t do everything you could to keep the people you love here and that they don’t like the killing, it just happens. I called Rosita a philosopher. Rosita is much like Morgan. She says the right things but doesn’t always live them.

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We all make mistakes when we’re trying to do the right things. We can have little philosophies and mantras and inspirational quotes to keep us going, but the rest of the world doesn’t always cooperate. Our own emotions get in the way sometimes. Dr, Wilson on House one time said about a patient’s belief in God, “It is possible to believe in something and still fail to live up to it.”

Morgan’s words take Eastman’s bold and esoteric words and concepts and makes them work for the real world, especially this next world. His words acknowledge that we are going to do wrong, Wrong is unavoidable. The goal now may not be to do no wrong, but how much wrong can we do without destroying who we are.

How much wrong can we do before we are begging people to kill us? Where is the balance between Rick and Carol’s all and Morgan and Eastman’s nothing thinking, Nobody has balance all the time. They are all in different places at different times.

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I hope Rick has learned something from Morgan because I think they have said goodbye. I hope Morgan starts to think for himself and helps Carol in some way we don’t expect. Morgan has more wisdom in him than he realizes. I hope they all find the right wrong that doesn’t pull them down.