The Walking Dead: When did Carol start her kill list? [Discussion]

Walking Dead S06E14 Preview: Carol's Awakening - Photo Credit - AMC / - Cass
Walking Dead S06E14 Preview: Carol's Awakening - Photo Credit - AMC / - Cass /

Carol  has a list of the people she’s killed on The Walking Dead, but what caused her to start the list and how long has she been physically keeping track?

It’s a hard time for The Walking Dead‘s Carol Peletier. All the killing and horrible things she’s done in the past have caught up with her and it has overwhelmed her to the point of near insanity. To help her cope with it all, she created a list of people she has killed, which has only gotten longer recently.

Starting with Lizzie and Mika’s parents and including Karen, David, Lizzie, Mary and many others, it is obvious that these kills have have piled up on her conscience. But they didn’t seem to have as big of an impact on her until recently when her list was introduced.

Speaking of the list Carol has on The Walking Dead, Chipper Doodle on Facebook asked us the following question:

“How long ago do you think Carol started kill list? Which killings pushed her over the edge to start it?”

We passed this question along to Su Castillo and Timothy Michael’s The Walking Dead After Show to answer LIVE on their Sunday night show. Here is the video of their show, including their answer to the question above as hosted on TheStreamTV’s YouTube account:

Both Su and Timothy feel like Carol was keeping track mentally for a long time, but the talks with Morgan were what forced her to sit down and actually start writing them down to get the full impact of all the things she has done. After her interaction with Morgan following the capture of the lone member of The Wolves in Alexandria, Carol did likely take that a lot more seriously.

However, there is a good chance that she had started this list long before Morgan even made his season 5 return to The Walking Dead. She likely didn’t start the list after the incident with Karen and David, but killing Lizzie may have been one of the most emotionally challenging things Carol has ever done on the show. She may have started the list after that, or possibly after the assault on Terminus when she went on her killing spree.

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When do you think Carol started her list on The Walking Dead? And which kill on the list do you think is the one that messes with her head the most to think about? Leave your ideas and comments below. And, in the meantime, be sure to check out TheStream.TV and subscribe to their great videos.