The Walking Dead’s Gale Anne Hurd on Negan: They’ll stand up and cheer

Negan - The Walking Dead, AMC
Negan - The Walking Dead, AMC /

Negan is finally here!  Executive Producer of The Walking Dead, Gale Anne Hurd, thinks we won’t be able to contain ourselves when we see him. She thinks we will stand and cheer.

In this case, I think the hype may not be hyperbole. Just the mention of his name by the motorcycle gang was exciting. Then all the people saying they were Negan. We’ve been able to dispatch so many Saviors so easily yet we can sense they aren’t fooling around. And they aren’t going anywhere.

The fact that we have done so much damage so easily is a double-edged sword. We’ve become confident and they’ve become irritated. Even as a non-comic reader Negan is, as my co-writer Adam says, the worst kept secret in The Walking Dead. We know he’s bad. And we know comic readers love his badness.

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Gale Anne Hurd spoke to Us Magazine about Negan and about Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the larger than life comic villain.

"“He’s a completely different kind of character than we’ve had in the past, and honestly, I cannot imagine someone more perfect than Jeffrey Dean Morgan to bring him to life. [Negan is] formidable, but he’s incredibly charismatic, and he acknowledges who he is and what he expects of people.”"

Robert Kirkman said that Negan’s introduction is bone-chilling. Just looking at the back of Negan in his leather jacket gives me chills. He’s the first character that seems comic book-like and mythic. It’s surprising to me how terrified and excited I am for him.

For a long time I was as tired of hearing his name as most fans are of hearing Morgan say that all life is precious. A few seasons ago that’s all comic fans talked about. They couldn’t wait for Alexandria, the Hilltop and Negan. Blah, blah, blah. Let’s just get to Terminus, okay?

Then I saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan in interviews. Now I’m right there with you comic book readers! Listen to the low voice of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as he says, Hi, I’m Negan. Tell me you don’t shudder.

Gale also told Us that “anyone who loves Negan from the comic books will literally be cheering. They won’t be able to sit down at home or wherever they are. I think they’ll stand up and cheer.”

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Negan isn’t going anywhere any time soon. This is his introduction. She promised more Negan in season 7 of The Walking Dead. My skin tingles as I’m typing this. The finale should be crazy. I’m placing my trust in the show that I love. That it will remain fearless and perhaps go places it has never gone before.