Talking Dead guests for The Walking Dead season 6 finale

Talking Dead. Robert Kirkman. AMC
Talking Dead. Robert Kirkman. AMC /

Here are the guests who will join Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick to discuss The Walking Dead’s season 6 finale, episode 616 titled ‘Last Day On Earth’.

Letting Chris Hardwick and the guests of AMC’s Talking Dead help fans absorb the episode of The Walking Dead they’ve just watched is always a great thing. However, when that episode is the 90-minute season finale of the show, there will be a ton for everyone to talk about.

Joining Chris Hardwick on the couch this week will be an interesting assortment of guests. No superfans. No contest winners. Just folks directly connected to AMC’s The Walking Dead. It will be interesting to get the inside scoop on the 90-minute long episode 616 of AMC’s flagship program, titled “Last Day On Earth” and break down some of the crazy things fans saw.

Here are the guests who will be joining Chris Hardwick for Talking Dead to discuss the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead on Sunday, April 3, 2016 at 10:30 pm/9:30c on AMC:

Scott M. Gimple

The Walking Dead‘s showrunner is always a great guest on Talking Dead. Gimple has plenty of insight when it comes to filming AMC’s zombie survival drama and also has a great sense of humor. He should have some interesting stories from the set as well as plenty of other juicy tidbits to add to the discussion after “Last Day On Earth”.

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Norman Reedus

Known as for his role as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, Reedus also has a major cult following for him films in The Boondock Saints series. As arguably the most popular character on AMC’s flagship program, he can provide insights into his character as well as help promote his upcoming television show about motorcycling.

Robert Kirkman

The creator of The Walking Dead is joining the couch, so you know something big is going down. By now, fans already know that the season 6 finale is going to have some scenes directly inspired by the comic book series, and Kirkman can talk about bringing those pages to life as well as some inside information on some of the new characters as well.

Surprise Guest*

Revealed in a commercial playing during The Walking Dead‘s season 6 marathon, there will be a mystery guest joining the show to discuss “Last Day On Earth” with the rest of the folks on Talking Dead. Will it be a new character introduced during the season 6 finale? Or could be a cast member to say farewell to? We’ll find out when the individual is announced by Chris Hardwick.

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Don’t miss Talking Dead when it airs a half hour later than usual on Sunday, April 3, 2016. The super-sized season 6 finale of The Walking Dead will leave fans and the guests on the show with a lot to talk about. It should be great television with three people so important to the show on the couch to add to the discussion.

*Updated on 4/2/16 for Surprise Guest