The Walking Dead Finale: And the memes just keep on coming


We’ve had a few days to recover from the finale of season 6 of The Walking Dead. And the memes just keep on coming! Humor will get us through.

There are so many great memes for the finale, I had to do a second article so our regular readers don’t miss any of the great ones. The second round of memes has rolled in now that the shock has started to wear off.

The subjects are still the same. We have Negan. We have the fan reaction to the cliffhanger and the yearly reaction to waiting until October to get more Walking Dead. And we have Carol and other finale topics sprinkled in for good measure.

While we’re on the topic of waiting. We sure do a lot of waiting as fans of The Walking Dead. We wait through commercials, of course, but our season is only 16 episodes. That means 36 Sundays of the year are walkerless. Thank goodness for Fear the Walking Dead!

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Here we have a comic reader preview of The Kingdom and hope for help from Carol, Morgan and some new friends!

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A little confusion about what these people are wearing and why. But at least Morgan finally has a new friend.

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A little humor to make us feel better about the terrified looks on Rick’s face.

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Not so much humor as irony and sad truth. But things will turn around for us!

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Poor Mags.

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Conspiracy theories:

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For family game nights this summer!

walkinglulz616-111 /

A little upgrade on someone’s tweet. The tweet was a little funnier with Woody, but this is still funny. Those skinny legs!

IMG_20160407_151602 /

Negan did start to get a little wordy!

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Michael Cudlitz was in Nashville for Walker Stalker Convention this weekend. He went a little early to cut a record so we could have some music this summer to remind us of our favorite show.

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For the school kids! Pencille was created by Greg Raiewski, the teacher who was the fan guest on Talking Dead! Pencille can be used to make decisions when necessary by playing Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe.

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A few Gimples:

IMG_20160406_123727 /
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For the really serious cases:

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And here’s a product to protect us while we wait all summer on our knees.

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We love The Walking Dead at Undead Walking and we love The Walking Dead memes. If you have any or see any great ones, share them with us here or on Facebook or Twitter.

Don’t forget Fear the Walking Dead starts Sunday. We can only hope the Fear meme game is as strong as season 6 has been.