Fear the Walking Dead: Catch up on season one in 3 minutes

Fear The Walking Dead and Nick Clark, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC
Fear The Walking Dead and Nick Clark, Fear The Walking Dead - AMC /

Fear the Walking Dead begins season 2 this Sunday. If you didn’t see the first season or need a refresher, AMC has a great video to serve as season recap.

Previously on AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead! Hopefully, you’re ready to set sail on Abigail and see our Los Angeles crew from last summer. We just started to get to know these characters in those six episodes.

This season we get a full 15 episodes and even a midseason finale break after 7 episodes. Our LA friends should help us get through walker withdrawals, but, ideally, they’ll create an entirely new and different experience and excitement for fans within the same apocalypse.

Remember Fear takes place at the very beginning of the outbreak. Rick Grimes would still be in his coma at the hospital. Shane, Dale, Andrea, Jim, Jacqui, Amy, and Sophia are still alive and possibly haven’t even met up at the quarry yet. Hershel and the Greene family are surviving on the farm and Otis is rounding up the infected walkers to put them in the barn hoping for a cure.

This video recaps the major events and shows the main characters we need to remember going to into the new season.

Nick Clark wakes up in the drug den church and stumbles upon Gloria, who has turned and is eating people. Nick gets hit by a car as he runs away in fear and disbelief. In the hospital we find out more about him and meet his family.

Nick’s mom, Madison is a guidance counselor at the school. His sister, Alicia, is smart and headed off to college next year. Their dad died and Madison is now dating a teacher at the school, Travis.

Travis has an ex-wife, Liza, and a teenage son, who is not dealing well with the divorce. As the infected start to infiltrate their lives through the news and even their neighbors and friends, they start to wonder what unimaginable thing is happening and decide to leave town to ride things out.

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They meet the Salazar family after they try to escape from the chaos of the riots in the city and hide out in their barber shop. Daniel is a barber who escaped the turmoil in El Salvador years earlier.

The National Guard comes in to help, but they are outmatched by the infected problem and have a mission to keep things in control while they put a plan in place to “humanely terminate” the remaining population.

Daniel’s wife Griselda was badly hurt when trying to get to Travis’ truck and out of the city. Griselda later dies in the military hospital. We find out from a doctor there that everybody turns no matter how they die and traumatic brain injury is the only thing that stops it. Liza puts her down.

As the group makes a plan to escape the termination they meet Victor Strand, a rich enigmatic stranger, who allows them to give him a ride out to the coast in exchange for safe harbor at his home.

When we get to the beautiful Strand home on the ocean, Liza reveals to Travis and Madison what she knows about the infections and she also reveals that she has been bitten. Knowing her fate, she asks to be put down. Travis does it.

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We end season one having lost Griselda and Liza. A new group has been born: a blended family of Madison, Travis, and their children, Nick, Alicia and Chris; Victor Strand, and Daniel Salazar and his daughter Ofelia. Oh, and Abigail.