The Walking Dead 616: Last Day on Earth reader rating and response

Lucille - The Walking Dead, AMC
Lucille - The Walking Dead, AMC /

The first week after the season finale of The Walking Dead is always the hardest. After last weekend’s controversial cliffhanger ending, social media exploded with a frenzy. While I expected there to be a lot of talk about it, I was certainly surprised by the results of our final poll of season 6. Keep reading to see if you are as well.

There we were, on the edges of our seats. Robert Kirkman had us right where he wanted us… and as we glanced at the our clocks, knowing that there simply wasn’t enough time to get the answer we desperately wanted, we began to fear that the rumored cliffhanger ending really would come to pass. And then, alas, it did.

We know that Negan beat the life out of one of the unlucky group that ended up in his trap (which basically consisted of every major character on the show, the only exceptions being Carol and Morgan). We just don’t know which one. And despite the many, many fan theories floating around out there, we won’t know for sure until October. Did I mention how much I hate waiting? But never mind that.

Negan. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Negan. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

So what were our readers’ thoughts on Last Day on Earth? As you may have expected, feelings about the episode were very strong. Up until the season finale, the lowest rated episode of 6B was Knots Unite, with a 64% 4 star rating. The highest rated episode of 6B going into the season finale was No Way Out, episode 609, with an 89% 4 star rating. With those two numbers as perspective, last week the season 6 finale blew one of those records out of the water – it only scored a 55% 4 star rating.

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3 star ratings fell last week as well, down to 14% from 18% the previous week. 2 star ratings, on the other hand, rose from 5% in 615 to 12% last weekend. 1% ratings skyrocketed (all those votes had to go somewhere, after all), going from 5% (which had been the high for 1 star ratings up to that point) to 19%.

That’s right, this is not a typo. 19% of our votes rated the season finale 1 star. I was definitely frustrated when it ended, but even so, this rating shocked me.

Average Reader Rating: 3.05 stars out of 4

Here’s a ranking of the episodes in season 6B, as rated by readers. The percentages indicate the 4 star ratings for each episode. (Please note that the “/4 star” ratings do not correspond exactly to the percent of people who gave the episode 4 stars, since the “/4 star rating” also included the various percentages for 3, 2 and 1 stars)

609No Way Out 3.81/4 stars89%
613The Same Boat 3.78/4 stars82%
610The Next World 3.64/4 stars78%
612Not Tomorrow Yet 3.66/4 stars76%
614Twice As Far 3.64/4 stars73%
615East 3.58/4 stars72%
611Knots Untie 3.53/4 stars64%
616Last Day on Earth 3.05/4 stars55%

Here’s what some readers had to say about episode 616, aka “the one where we finally meet Negan.”

Kari in ‘sota – What was the point? We saw nothing and learned nothing more than what was leaked on the internet.

BEAZTmode – It was terrible. They ruined a great moment from the comics. Toned down the language. And the COMMERCIALS!

James Perno – To leave people hanging that way. That really sucks!

Deborah Machillivray – Love this show, don’t mind cliff-hanger, just had the SHODDY plotting. BAD writing this year.

IMG_20160403_233320 /

Ed Yarbrough – Loved the ending… what possibilities it leaves open for next season…

Cynthia Coleman – I was disappointed! I enjoyed the 7 episodes before the final one.

Diana Newsome – OMG, can’t believe we’re left hanging for 6 months! WTH!

Team McBride/Reedus – I think the finale was awesome and I loved it… The end not so much but there’ll be a next season. *yay*

Ricktatorship – I give this episode 2 stars, and the only reason for 2 stars is JDM. He knocked it out of the ballpark. Negan was worth the wait. I also really liked Morgan in the episode, his unwillingness to leave Carol speaks volumes. I hope the Morgan hating stops! I liked the buildup of this episode, but the producers/writers and actors overhyped the finale. It was a real disappointment to say the least. Congrats Gimple, you trolled the fan base twice in one season. One of the worst season finales in the history of TWD.

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So whether you loved or hated the episode and the highly controversial ending, we now have six months to wait until any of our questions can be answered. Until then, eat some cookies and maybe some casserole, patrol the perimeter and JSS. And if you’re filling your Sunday nights with Fear the Walking Dead, look out for our recaps and polls, beginning tonight!