Fear the Walking Dead Fans: No need to defend, just enjoy

Madison, Travis, Strand. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC
Madison, Travis, Strand. Fear the Walking Dead. AMC /

Fear the Walking Dead began its second season last night bringing up the passions of two different groups of fans once again–those who love the show and those who love to hate the show.

Words from the Bonnie Raitt song come to mind, “I can’t make you love me, if you don’t. You can’t make your heart feel something it won’t.” There are fans of The Walking Dead who just don’t like or are very lukewarm about Fear the Walking Dead. 

We can explain to them all we want about how the show is supposed to be very different and it’s at the beginning and they need to be patient, but we really can’t make them love something they just don’t. Some may come around on their own, and some may abandon it.

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Unless you really love debating, my advice is to try to ignore the comments from people and refrain from long replies trying to explain, or defend the show. Refrain from belittling their intelligence or lack of patience and understanding of the ideas or their loyalty to the Walking Dead fandom.

If you must reply, consider using the short and sweet internet acronym smh~. Always add the little squiggly tilde at the end! It’s difficult to argue with that fancy, friendly bad boy!

Whatever you do, try to stop letting people steal your joy! I believe that’s the root of the frustration. The anger and defensiveness comes from covering the hurt at someone robbing you of something you are trying to enjoy. Don’t let them.

Pop that balloon. Think of it like a sports team they don’t love, but you do. Or a book. Or an artist. Or a type of music. They aren’t right. They just like something different than you do.

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Hopefully, the fans who love to hate the show will either warm up to it or shut up about it soon! Until then, we can take the high road and follow Strand’s lead. Fear lover rules. #1. It’s our show and we love it. #2. It’s our show and we love it. And in case you are still confused about rules number one and two–It’s our show! You can’t steal our joy!