Fear the Walking Dead: Is that Flight 462?

michelle-ang-falls-from-the-sky-to-join-fear-the-walking-dead-season-2-charlie-is-just-930062 /

Flight 462 and Fear the Walking Dead will intersect in some way this season. We may have our first glimpse at the crashed plane and our survivor in the teasers.

In a new teaser that announces, “This season on Fear the Walking Dead,” we get a quick shot of what looks to be the remains of a plane crash and our survivors fighting a horde of undead plane crash survivors that could very well be Flight 462 that crashed.

We also see behind Alicia, the smart woman in the army jacket, Charlie, who got the last stand-by seat on Flight 462. Charlie seems to have some experience with the infected, although we don’t know why or how. She knows that head trauma is the way to put them down.

She used a knitting needle to put down Marcus after he turned and his pre-turn wife whom Marcus had bitten on the neck like he was a vampire zombie flying out of the airplane lavatory after he turned. The Air Marshall had shot Marcus in the body until he ran out of bullets.

We don’t know when we will encounter Flight 462, but hopefully it will be soon. Michelle Ang, as Charlie, should be a great addition to the cast and the group of survivors. Take a look at the clips to see how the plane might figure into the upcoming action.

If you haven’t met Charlie or the other passengers on Flight 462, check out the 15 minute mini-series above. I believe Charlie was supposed to be a surprise for the season, but we see her behind Alicia in the second clip above so it appears she survived the crash.

The plane crashed about 10 days before our group set out on Abigail so Charlie has been surviving for almost 2 weeks on her own. The crash itself probably attracted walkers and likely the people who died from the crash have become walkers.

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It will be interesting to see if Jake, the US Air Marshal Anthony, the flight attendant, or knitting woman survived or if we see them as walkers. The only way we’ll see poor puker, Marcus, and his wife would be as food for the walkers, but after 2 weeks, I think they’re long gone. RIP puker and puker’s wife.

Welcome, Charlie!  I hope you become friends with Ofelia.