Fear the Walking Dead: Strand could split up Nick’s family

Nick and Alicia Clark - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Nick and Alicia Clark - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

The group on Fear the Walking Dead was brought together by various circumstances. Strand is a wild card that could come between Nick and his family.

If we look at some of the alliances that have been formed and some if the tenuous connections, there are some criss-crosses that could pose some interesting problems as the group moves forward and faces new obstacles, choices and cross roads.

Madison seems to have a connection with Daniel Salazar. They both shared the experience of having the National Guard steal one of their loved ones in the middle of the night. Nick and Griselda were abducted by the guard allegedly to be cared for at the hospital.

While Griselda did get some medical attention, she was denied the comfort of her husband’s company during her care and ultimately her death. Nick was just housed with others who were considered a threat in some way.

Neither Daniel nor Madison particularly trust Strand yet. Nick on the other hand became friends with Strand in that pen. He feels indebted to Strand for saving his life and for seeing Nick as a “value add”.

All of the things that Nick has done that have disappointed his mom and his sister seem to be strengths in this new world and in Strand’s eyes. Strand sees things in Nick that nobody else has seen. That has to be enticing and confidence boosting to Nick.

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Strand talks to Nick like an equal. He isn’t condescending when he talks to Nick. He tries to empower him. Strand doesn’t babysit him. Ironically, Nick defends his family to Strand. His family has been defending Nick to others for years.

This brings up a question. What would Nick do if forced to choose between Strand and his family? What if Madison decides to leave Strand behind and go with Salazar in a different direction. In one preview, Salazar says, “We don’t need you, Strand.”

What do you think? Would Nick stay with Strand? Or would he go with his mom and his sister. I’m not sure. I know he would miss his sister, but his mom has Travis, too. And Chris. He might feel bossed around by Travis and Daniel and Madison.

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Nick might feel more confident with Strand. Family is a strong bond. But hurt and betrayal can make people do harsh things. Nick once told Madison he didn’t need her, he needed the medicine she was going to give Griselda.

Hopefully, he won’t have to make that choice. Fear the Walking Dead adventures are just beginning. We’ll see what the next episodes bring on water and with the crash of flight 462 and more infected.