The Walking Dead: Alexandra Breckenridge pregnant with first child


Jessie Anderson actress, Alexandra Breckenridge, from AMC’s The Walking Dead is expecting her first baby with her husband Casey Hooper.

Jessie Anderson had two children with her abusive husband Pete Anderson in Alexandria on The Walking Dead. They had a volatile teenager, Ron, and adorable pre-teen, Sam, who loved cookies and became friends with Carol in an effort to protect his mom.

In real life the beautiful actress who played Rick Grimes’ love interest after he killed Pete and before Jessie and her family were killed during the huge zombie herd attack on Alexandria, Alexandra Breckenridge, is just now expecting her first child with her husband Casey Hooper.

Today on Instagram, Breckenridge posted a glamorous photo of herself with the caption, “Someone doesn’t want to hide in his mom’s tummy anymore.” The caption indicates that perhaps Alexandra has found out that the baby will be a boy.

Congratulations to Alexandra and her husband on the newest baby in The Walking Dead family. Alanna Masterson had a baby this past season and Sonequa Martin-Green had a baby during season 5. Soon they’ll have another baby to add to the play dates and birthday parties.

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So far we’ve already seen congratulations tweets from Michael Traynor and Jordan Woods-Robinson. I’m sure we will see tweets soon from Major Dodson and other The Walking Dead cast members.

My guess is we will see some baby news and announcements of the debut of Alexandra’s baby right around the time of the debut of The Walking Dead season 7 in October! We’ll be sure to let you know if we get any pictures of little zombie baby showers with the cast ladies.