The Walking Dead: New exclusive interview with Jordan Woods-Robinson

Ross Marquand and Jordan Woods-Robinson at Walker Stalker Con AtlantaPhoto Credit: Carter Phillipps
Ross Marquand and Jordan Woods-Robinson at Walker Stalker Con AtlantaPhoto Credit: Carter Phillipps /
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JJordan Woods-Robinson promoting his new album Anthem Photo Credit: Ashley Sanchez Photography
Jordan Woods-Robinson promoting his new album AnthemPhoto Credit: Ashley Sanchez Photography /

I am so excited about the progress for the funding of your new album! The incentives you offered were fantastic! What’s the next phase in the development process and how can fans help?

"I’m absolutely blown away at how supported my crowdfunding campaign has been. When I started it off, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I’ve never done anything like this.  Would it be a massive failure? Would I narrowly hit the mark at the last minute? Or would it be a wild success? In my eyes, this IS a wild success. We hit 50% within the first two weeks and we were fully funded with three weeks left to go. The incentives have been great. I’m excited to have some personal lunches with people, go on some tours around theme parks, and even sign one of my guitars to ship off to a supporter! We’ve now entered into stretch goals, which are basically new milestones that come with new rewards if we meet them. I’m developing some exclusive merchandise that will be featured on my website if we hit our next milestone. And a second stretch goal will offer my first official music video if we reach it.  At this point, we have two weeks left to go and I’m certain that this amazing fandom will help us pull through! (I’m also coming up with some new cool incentives to help us get there!) All packages can be found at! [Note: As of press time, we’ve learned that Jordan’s first stretch goal has been met – Congratulations, Jordan!]"

What is closest to your heart about the new music we will hear on this project?

"This music is extremely important to me and probably the closest that I have ever come to releasing how I hear sound. I grew up with folk music, so I’ve always played acoustic instruments. But I’ve also always been drawn toward indie and rock bands. With Anthem, I have the opportunity to create my own sound which is similar to Mumford and Sons but then with the driven rock and heavy drums and soaring vocals from bands like Arcade Fire. I’ve coined a new genre called a grunge folk rock, and I couldn’t be happier. Can’t wait for the world to hear it!"

What is it like managing your music career, acting roles, Blue Man Group, a busy family, and a collaborative recording business? How do you prioritize all these wonderful parts of your life?

"It’s true. I’m a busy man, and I’ve actually recently streamlined some of my projects in order to make sure that I have more time for my personal goals and my family. I wear a lot of hats, but I think that’s important for any creative person to do. Your job is to create without reward, and sometimes you have to spread yourself a little thin before you find the one path that’s right for you. I’m fortunate to have a very creative family, so it’s easy for me to spend time playing music with my kids or writing lyrics with my wife. That creative drive lives in all of us, and it is something that we can share."

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