The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun cast in sci-fi movie Okja


The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun is known as Glenn to fans of the AMC zombie survival drama, but now he has been cast in the upcoming sci-fi movie Okja.

The Walking Dead‘s Steven Yeun has been working very hard during the filming break for The Walking Dead. Not only has he worked the interview circuit to help promote AMC’s zombie survival drama, but he has big projects like Chew, Mayhem, and voice work on Voltron: Legendary Defender coming out.

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Now Steven Yeun has another huge project in the works, as The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the man who plays Glenn on The Walking Dead has been cast in the upcoming sci-fi movie Okja.

Okja has everything in place it needs to succeed. It has a red-hot director in Bong Joon-Ho, who found recent success with his politically charged sci-fi action flick Snowpiercer. When you add in an amazing cast around Yeun, including Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal and Paul Dano as well as great supporting cast, Okja seems like a major hit in the works.

Here is the plot of Okja according to The Hollywood Reporter:

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"“The story centers on a girl (Seohyun An) who befriends a genetically manufactured pig named Okja. When the pig grows up to gigantic proportions, the corporation that created him takes him, thrusting the girl, now a teen, into a mission to take it back.”"

That sounds like a fantastic story to go with a great cast and director that should make Okja a must-watch when it is released. Yeun being a part of the project opens up a massive fandom from The Walking Dead to be interested in this film, and should pay off big time, as he is an excellent actor.

Production begins on Okja today and does not have an estimated release date at this time. The movie will film in South Korea, Canada, and the United States and will feature both English and Korean spoken language scenes.

At this time, other details aren’t known about Okja. However, the project will not be in theatres, and will enjoy a release on Netflix as an exclusive.

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You can see Steven Yeun when he returns to AMC’s The Walking Dead this October. Right now, Glenn is in a horrible situation involving Negan and The Saviors, and the season 7 premiere of the zombie survival drama should be something fans of the series do not want to miss.