Fear The Walking Dead 203: Ouroboros reader rating and response

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Last week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, called Ouroboros, proved once again that the show is full of surprises – if the actual plot of the episode didn’t surprise you, then maybe its rating by our readers will! Details are below.

For a while now, some FTWD viewers have been wondering about what happened to the passengers on the plane that was the series of clips that were shown during the clips of The Walking Dead season 6. We’ve seen quick references to it, but in episode 203, we finally learned the fate of most of the passengers – and it wasn’t pretty.

Our merry band of survivors aboard the Abigail found it as well, and used the opportunity to go ashore to check it out. As we know from Rick Grimes and his group on TWD, at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, there’s bound to be a steep learning curve.

The characters on Fear are still in the early days, and continue to learn hard lessons from rather frightening experiences. Lessons like 1) A herd of walkers can come out of nowhere at any time, so be sure you always have an escape route and 2) If you’re covered in their blood, you’re invisible to them – though it’s not wise to push your luck (insert Alexandria flashback here).

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One of the main surprises of episode 203 was the rating that you, the Undead Walking readers gave it. Keeping in mind that the first two episodes of the season were rated as 43% 4 stars for the season 2 premiere and 36% 4 stars for episode 202, the fact that last week, 69% of voters gave episode 203 4 stars is a rather surprising turn of events. What did this episode do so right, that the others failed to do? I would love to hear the theories about that.

Two weeks ago, 31% of voters gave episode 202 3 stars, while last week, episode 203 came in at only 22% for 3 stars (all those extra 4 star votes had to come from somewhere, after all!). Where 15% of voters gave episode 202 2 stars, only 1% rated episode 203 as 2 stars. Similarly, the percentages at the 1 star level followed the trend, with 18% for episode 202 and 8% for 203.

Average Reader Rating: 3.52 stars out of 4

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Here’s what some readers had to say about Ouroboros, aka “the one where they found the crashed plane and Nick learns to trick the infected.”

CathyMae – I did enjoy this episode. Nick’s hair, covered in walker guts, never looked better. Question: “We’re coming?” Something is up with Strand. And Nick has got to be the objective is he was willing to trade an expensive watch for Nick. Solid 4.

Ricktatorship – Solid 4 stars..IMO this episode had everything,the infected,drama with Madison and Travis, drama with Strand and everybody else..This episode all ties were cut with flight 462, each episode Nick seems to understand this world more and more. Chris really took major steps forward and it was great to see him help that wounded passenger.

Michelle Voorhees – It was awesome. The best episode yet! I knew it wouldn’t disappoint us. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

Cathy Minnix – Great episode. Nick the new Rick? Covered in blood… awesome! Give it a chance, people. 4 stars.

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What does the huge uptick in ratings mean? Well, beyond the obvious – that a lot more people liked Ouroboros a lot more than they liked the previous 2 episodes – it’s hard to know exactly why the shift was so dramatic. Of course, our ratings are completely unofficial, but who knows. It’ll be interesting to see how this week’s episode compares.