Fear The Walking Dead 205: Captive sneak peek videos

Travis Manawa and his kidnappers - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Travis Manawa and his kidnappers - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

‘Captive’ is the title of the fifth episode of Fear The Walking Dead’s second season and it looks to begin the search for the abducted Travis and Alicia.

After finding out a lot about Strand and discovering that Alicia’s ‘friend’ Jack isn’t very friendly, Fear The Walking Dead is in an interesting place going forward. With so much conflict surrounding the group and some existing within, tension is rising to all-time high levels on board the yacht.

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Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait too long to find out what is next on Fear The Walking Dead, as two teaser videos have been released to AMC to help fans who just can’t wait for Sunday’s episode get a little big of insight as to what they will see during season 2 episode 5 titled “Captive” on AMC.

The first teaser comes to us from AMC’s YouTube account:

“Connor WILL come looking for me.” Those are the haunting words that the promo leads off with. There are many other things going on in this video, including showing Travis and Alicia being held captive by this new group, Strand reassuring folks that he can get the ship into Mexico, and the two groups planning a way to meet back up with the separated survivors. It looks as though Alicia will need to fight and Nick is ready to shoot in order to get the family back together.

Here is the second clip, which is also hosted on the AMC YouTube account:

This promo focuses on a conversation between Victor Strand and Madison Clark. Strand appears to be waking up from a nap and sees Madison holding on to Abigail’s steering wheel very tightly. Strands pleasantries are interrupted by Madison demanding that Strand not send Nick on any more errand missions. Strand explains that Nick offered to go pick up his buddy Luis, but Madison still doesn’t like that Nick made the trek alone at night. Strand says that the young man knows how to maneuver in the world of the undead, but Madison says that just because he can doesn’t mean that he should.

Strand says he saw Nick’s potential right away when he met him. He says Nick is far more capable than Madison gives him credit for, but Madison’s motherly instincts kick in and she continues to protect her son. Finally, she says not to come between her and her son, gives Strand a long, powerful look and leaves.

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Don’t miss Fear The Walking Dead episode 205 titled “Captive” when it airs on Sunday, May 8, 2016 on AMC. Hopefully, fans can find out more about what is going on with the group of survivors that were taken hostage as well as the others who were left behind.