Fear the Walking Dead: Live Thread Chat Episode 204

Nick Clark - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Nick Clark - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

Join us this evening to chat about Fear the Walking Dead episode 204 as the show is airing live. Make Fear friends and express your opinions as the action unfolds.

Last week we had our first live thread chat during Fear the Walking Dead. It’s a great opportunity for you to express your thoughts during the show as it airs, especially for those readers who are not into social media.

Last week we even had Kathleen Gati, the flight attendant from Flight 462, drop in to say hello! Unfortunately,  her character didn’t make it out of the crash. And poor Alex and Jake were cut loose by Strand at the end of the episode.

Some of our kids from the show were able to make some progress in their walker killing skills and knowledge about what this next world holds for them. Nick discovered that the smell of death makes you a bit invisible to the other infected.

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Chris had a heartbreaking experience with a live victim of the crash that is sure to have a lasting effect on him and on his relationship with his father. On one hand, it may help him to understand his father better and give him some empathy with the decision he had to make with Liza.

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On the other hand, it is giving him confidence and strength and a possible recklessness that sometimes comes with facing death and facing this new world. When you have to get your anger and hurt out somewhere, often it is taken out on those closest to us and on the cause of the hurt itself, So the infected and Travis may end up on the other end of Chris’ rage.

That is a theme that is going to pop up everywhere since we have so many people who are related. We want to protect and shelter the ones we love and we also take out our frustrations on those same people driving us apart.

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Please join us tonight! You can leave comments here any time, of course. You can say hello before the show starts, during the show, or even come back after the show and check out what people had to say. Remember our comments refresh automatically so the thread works very nicely. Feel free to stay for Talking Dead as well.