Fear the Walking Dead S02E04 Preview: Trust?

Fear the Walking Dead S02E04 Preview - Photo Credit: AMC / Screencapped.net - Raina
Fear the Walking Dead S02E04 Preview - Photo Credit: AMC / Screencapped.net - Raina /

Trust is the theme of this week’s Fear the Walking Dead. Centering around Captain Strand and his plans for his boat. Emphasis on HIS boat. Will trust prevail? Is Strand’s grip on the steering wheel rapidly slipping away? Can the group keep it together or will they collectively descend to a sunken abyss from which there is no return?

Fear the Walking Dead S02E04 Promo:

“We Don’t Need Strand” – Daniel Salazar

Or do they? You never know what you have till the Captain is gone. Strand’s blunt decision making has largely kept Nick and crew safe. It’s his boat, yet passengers, not crew mates are subtly planning a mutiny. Will trading the man’s vision and promise of an oasis, a house with a future for Captain Daniel Salazar be the right move?

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Salazar may be hiding more than it seems, he certainly has succeed in shielding the truth from his daughter till now. Remember we’ve only seen his actions on one prior season of Fear the Walking Dead, viewers get comfortable quick. His motives are to keep his daughter safe, everyone else merely passing through, tolerated till they become an obstacle to that goal. On tonight’s Fear the Walking Dead the obstacle is Stand, what if next week it’s Madison’s family or Travis?

A Change in Nick?

Nick’s walker dread has significantly subsided. In fact, we witnessed Nick literally walking with the herd. Imitating their facial expressions along the way. Not only has Nick’s family regained trust in Nick as his stories have proven true and not hallucinations of an addict but his confidence has ascended. Nick is a master of adaption, which is top priority in a world gone mad. As Strand has made reference to throughout Fear the Walking Dead, his skill set is indispensable.

Walker Strength

A significant development occurred on last week’s Fear the Walking Dead… The Walkers were vanquished with relative ease, and a lack of frightful horror. For the first time, every member on shore fought the walkers rather than a Daniel Salazar type leading the charge with the rest running. On one side you can say they had no choice and barely survived in a valiant effort. Till now though, the main difference between Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead has been vulnerability to the walkers. Oh sure, every once in a while The Walking Dead group would be overrun but they were able to triumph with a sense of zombie-defeating professionalism.

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Up to last week’s episode the walkers were back to their leading role as powerful antagonist. Will Fear the Walking Dead now rapidly descend to other people as the source of fright? Likely as Strand has already alluded to during the the ‘who gets to be on the boat’ debate. There’s something to be said about this secession of strength by the walkers, as establishing Madison and co’s group early won’t leave much room to elevate to. The walkers imposing image should be retained for now or the show will walk in footprints already set by The Walking Dead. Nick remains the key character to defining a clear personality and culture to the show.

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