The Walking Dead cliffhanger broken down by Mercedes Mason

Clinton Kelly and Mercedes Mason - The Chew, ABC
Clinton Kelly and Mercedes Mason - The Chew, ABC /

Fear The Walking Dead’s Mercedes Mason broke down the final cliffhanger scene from The Walking Dead’s season 6 finale and discussed the potential victims.

AMC left fans with their jaw on the ground and their hands in the air following a season 6 finale to The Walking Dead that had the fates of several of the most popular characters in danger. Fans love to speculate as to who it is and why Negan would make that choice, but it’s even more fun to hear celebrities talk about it.

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The celebrity this time is Mercedes Mason, known for her role as Ofelia Salazar on AMC’s zombie companion series Fear The Walking Dead. While it’s unlikely that she has any kind of inside information about The Walking Dead that would make her know what the writers have planned for season 7, hearing her thoughts about who Negan killed were very interesting.

Mason recently appeared on ABC’s popular daytime talk show The Chew to help promote Fear The Walking Dead and, of course, the topic turned to Negan and his lovely barbed wire baseball bat Lucille.

To see what Mercedes Mason had to say about The Walking Dead’s big cliffhanger, check out the video from The Chew’s website on However, here is a breakdown of what she had to say:

Mason compares it to the finale of The Sopranos, calling it this generation’s version of the cliffhanger. However, she does say that if the victim turns out to be Daryl Dixon that everyone should riot. She notes the two most likely to die at the hands of Negan are Abraham Ford and Glenn Rhee, but doesn’t see how Maggie Greene would be able to keep her composure as Negan smashed his brains in with the bat.

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Of course, there is no way of knowing who Negan chose as his victim during that deadly game of Eenie Meanie Miney Moe until The Walking Dead returns to AMC this October. However, until then, fans can watch Mercedes Mason as Ofelia Salazar on Fear The Walking Dead and watch how the group of survivors attempt to make it through the zombie apocalypse on a boat in the Pacific Ocean.