Fear the Walking Dead: Jesse McCartney plays villain pirate

Reed. Jesse McCartney. Fear the Walking Dead, AMC
Reed. Jesse McCartney. Fear the Walking Dead, AMC /

The younger crowd may have recognized one of the new villains when he stepped on board Abigail on Fear the Walking Dead.

The pirates forced their way on board with a pregnant woman. Jack. Alicia’s radio romance. Maybe you should have shot them, Chris. Young fans might have recognized Reed right away.

Jesse McCartney is a singer, songwriter voice actor and actor. He has toured with New Kids on the Block and the Back Street Boys. He has 3 solo albums and an extensive list of film and television credits, including many Disney projects. (Via Wikipedia)

On Jesse’s website, Omar Nasir of Essential Homme writes:

"For some, it might come as a shock that earlier this year pop musician Jesse McCartney celebrated a decade in show business. Achieving his first break at the of age 12 in the short-lived tween boy band, Dream Street, the star capitalized on his all-American good looks and undeniable charisma. But it only took a short while for the precocious entertainer to leave the group, setting out to carve a credible career solo. Readers from a certain decade of growing-pains should readily recall the memorable 2004 smash “Beautiful Soul,” the consummate pop record in which the pre-pubescent teen crooned his way into the hearts of hormonal teens across America. Four years later, 2008 welcomed even more success for McCartney with the release of his solid hit, “Leavin’,” as well as co-writing the international best-selling song of the year, “Bleeding Love” with uber-producer Ryan Tedder for British songstress Leona Lewis. Today McCartney describes his career trajectory so far as “a slow climb, almost like painting a picture instead of throwing the paint at the wall all at once.”"

He joins the cast of Fear the Walking Dead as Reed, a pirate in the apocalypse who boards Strand’s boat and takes our group captive. According to Dave Erickson in Entertainment Weekly, Reed may be the most dangerous of the group.

"There’s an edge and an anger and a manipulative quality, and he is somebody who embraces this new world."

Next: Mysterious Strand and his backstory

Will all of our group make it our alive? We will find out. Episode 5 takes us closer to the midseason finale on just 3 more episodes.