Fear The Walking Dead 205: Captive [recap and poll]

Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades) in S2E5Photo credit: Peter Iovino/AMC, Fear The Walking Dead
Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades) in S2E5Photo credit: Peter Iovino/AMC, Fear The Walking Dead /

On Fear the Walking Dead episode 205, Captive, we learned more about the mysterious Connor. Apparently the modern day pirate captain is actually the nice one in the family… clearly “nice” isn’t what it used to be after the zombie apocalypse. So what did you think of the episode? Read our recap below, and then please give your rating and leave your comments!

Last week, all we knew at the end of episode 204 was that Travis and Alicia were being taken back to Connor’s crew’s headquarters. This week, we found out a little about life on that side of the radio transmissions – and ran into an unexpectedly familiar face!

At the beginning of this episode, Alicia looks on in fear as one of the pirates (who turns out to be the infamous Connor) cooks a steak for her. The TV is on in the room and music plays in the background, which makes things even stranger.

Alicia asks about what has happened to her family, but Connor deflects the question. The power in the room, which appears to be one of the upper cabins of a large boat, cuts out suddenly. Connor isn’t surprised, just annoyed, telling her to stay put as he leaves the room. She has to admit when she hesitantly tries it, the steak is good.

A woman had wandered into the room and had been standing in the background while Alicia and Connor had been talking, and with the leader now gone, that woman walks over to Alicia and takes her plate without a word, walking out. RUDE!

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When Alicia tries to follow her, she discovers that she’s locked in. She finds a set of stairs and follows them to the top, exiting a small hatch to the top deck of the ship, where she discovers that the boat isn’t even in the water. It’s sitting on a platform, surrounded by scaffolding, beside the water. It’s a very big boat indeed.

Alicia looks around at the view, stunned, and is still standing there when Jack finds her. He brings her back in and asks her not to do that again because he doesn’t want Connor to get upset. She asks him about her family, and he tells her that given time, he’ll find out.

Daniel is patching up one of the pirates, who happens to be Connor’s younger brother, Reid. Reid was supposed to deliver the Abigail to Connor at their “base,” where Alicia was being held, but his plan had obviously not happened the way he had hoped, because he has some kind of a metal spear stuck through the middle of him. Chris looks on, and Daniel tells Reid not to talk to Chris.

Reid is obviously upset with them, and tells them that Connor is going to be very upset when he doesn’t come back with their boat. Daniel cuts him off by “accidentally” moving the spear, which has Reid immediately screaming in pain. Daniel then tells Reid that he has known men who were truly frightening, and that the one thing these men had in common was that they didn’t need to tell others how frightening they were.

Ofelia and Daniel Salazar - Fear The Walking Dead, AMC
Ofelia and Daniel Salazar – Fear The Walking Dead, AMC /

Daniel and Chris leave the room. Chris wants to stay and watch Reid, but Daniel tells him the most he should do is stand outside the door. Ofelia sees them in the hall and asks her father what he’d been doing. Daniel tells her that he was giving their invader medical attention. Ofelia asks about Chris, who’s standing down the hall from them, and Daniel tells her that Chris wants to stay busy.

In the control room, Daniel tells Madison what he learned from Reid. They find what they think are the pirates’ boats on the radar screen, but to reach them they need to turn back north. While they do so without a second thought, Luis notices the change immediately and is upset with them. Madison is adamant, however.

Luis asks Strand, who’s lying under a blanket near the wall, if he has to be the one to tell her, to which Strand replies, “There’s no telling her anything.” So Luis tells Madison that her people are gone, that they won’t be getting them back. Madison replies that she needs half a day, and asks if she should have left Strand in the water.

Luis is upset, but Strand says that they can still do it. Daniel wants Madison to consent to the teenagers helping in their invasion, but Madison won’t accept it. “The kids,” Maddie? Hate to break it to you, but if Carl can have a gun and he’s an actual kid, then you’d best get comfortable with your “kids” who are actually young adults pitching in as well. The zombie apocalypse is a rough place, and you need all the help you can get, in case you haven’t already noticed.

Meanwhile, on the dry-docked ship, Jack tells Alicia that they don’t bother with the small boats, that her job is to use the radar to find the medium sized and bigger boats and to log their information. She’ll be in charge of making contact with them, which had been Jack’s job, and had been how he’d found her in the first place. She is visibly uncomfortable with this, and wants a different job, but Jack says she doesn’t have a choice.

Travis wakes up on the floor in the bowels of Connor’s ship, metal grates above and below him and a “door” of chain link fence securing him inside a small area. He immediately begins trying to free himself from its confines, but everything seems to be locked.

He hears footsteps above, and then in comes a woman with long, dark, wild hair. She stands on the other side of the fence that encloses his “cell,” down the hall, and she suddenly recognizes her as she just stands and looks at him. It’s Alex.

She walks toward him and begins talking, talking about what had happened to her before Connor and his crew had found her, how she’d had to kill her only companion in the raft before he could turn. She walks up to the fence. Travis tells her that she did what she had to do.

Alex says that the first thing Connor had asked her was what she had to offer. So she had offered him the Abigail, but had specifically asked for Travis. Unfortunately for him, she’s a woman who holds a grudge.

Strand is sitting up on a bench in the control room with a blanket over his shoulders, groaning. Madison tells him not to fight it, that shivering will warm him up and help him recover faster, and that she needs him to steer. He shuffles to the captain’s chair and sits down. Madison tells him not to send Nick on any more missions, then warns him in no uncertain terms not to come between her and her son.

Jack helps Alicia gets started on her documentation of boats within radar range. He looks down at his clipboard, looking worried. Alicia asks what’s wrong, and he says nothing. But Jack obviously knows something, and Alicia gets upset. The boat they were looking at is the Abigail, and it’s back too soon to have dropped off the others on land.

Alicia asks Jack what happens on the other boats. Jack tells her that it’s not Connor that does things to the people on the other boats, but Connor’s brother Reid. Alicia insists that she has to find them. Seeing that she won’t be deterred, Jack says that he’ll come with her.

Madison tells Nick not to do it again, not to venture out the way he had, but Nick says he doesn’t mind it out there. Madison wants a promise that he won’t do anything like that again, but Nick doesn’t give her one.

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Alicia and Jack stare at the radar, talking about another ship. She says that when Connor does recon on it, that will be their chance to escape unnoticed. Jack asks if she’s sure she wants to do this. She ignores him and tells him to call Connor.

Travis asks Alex what they want from him and Alicia. She says that they’ll put Alicia to work “however they want.” She says that Travis was the reason she and her dying companion from the plane had been in the raft, and that Travis had known the right thing to do but had chosen to do the opposite.

Daniel and Strand are standing at the controls. Daniel tells Strand that he has surprised him with his support for their side mission, since he has “no skin in this.” Strand replies that Daniel doesn’t either. Daniel replies that he has a daughter, implying that he understands how he would feel in Madison’s place. Strand reminds him that it’s not his daughter who was taken.

Strand looking through his binoculars and sees something, handing them to Daniel and telling him to look. They’ve found Connor’s boats.

Travis and Alex are now sitting down against the wall on opposite sides of the fence. He tells her that he has a son who watches him carefully, who he tries to keep away from the violence. He says he’s no better than the man who cut the rope – Strand. He tells her that he killed his son’s mother, so he knows the cost – a part of him that he doesn’t know how to get back.

Alex tells him you don’t get that part back. She stands to leave and he asks what would happen to her. She says that Connor had said that he could use her, but that “people don’t use me.” She says it matter-of-factly, as though she has a plan, and walks away.

Chris stands in the hall of the Abigail, outside the room where Reid is, with the door cracked open. That’s probably his biggest mistake – leaving the door open.

Reid asks Chris how he’s doing. Reid asks if he knows that Connor has plans for his sister. He says that they’re both outsiders, and asks where is real mom is. Reid continues to talk, knowing he’s pushing Chris’ buttons and seeming to enjoy it very much. Nick comes and closes the door, asking if Chris is okay. No, Nick, Chris is not okay.

Chris tells Nick that it’s his fault that Reid and the others had come on the boat because he had frozen. He says he wants to make up for it. Nick tells him not to let it all get inside his head and walks into one of the rooms along the hallway.

Jack takes Alicia to see Travis from the other side of the fence. She tells him that the Abigail is back too soon, that they can’t have made it to land and back. She tells him that they have to try to make it to land tonight, with Jack. Travis tells her that if she has a way out, she should take it and not worry about him. He tells her about Alex being there, and that she had told Connor all about them.

Jack tells Alicia that they have to go. Travis tells her not to come back for him, but she won’t accept it. Travis continues to insist. They both insist that Madison would never forgive them for letting her lose the other.

Madison and Strand are at the controls as Madison watches the dock and Connor’s dry-docked boat through binoculars. Strand asks if she sees anyone. She doesn’t. Reid’s radio suddenly comes to life, and it sounds like Connor, ordering Reid not very nicely to get back to their boat. Nick has just come into the control room, and the three of them gather around the radio, listening. He tells his brother to “drop anchor and shut it down.”

Madison answers, telling him that he can have his brother when she gets her family back. The voice on the radio asks if it’s Madison, and if she’s done anything with Reid. She tells him not yet. Connor insists on speaking with him, but Madison refuses, giving him 1 hour before they trade. Connor accepts. Nick says that he’ll go, but Madison says no.

That’s when they hear a gunshot, and run below. Chris is holding a gun, standing in the hall and looking dazed. He says “He was gonna turn.” They find Reid dead, covered in blood. Obviously this is a problem.

Luis has also appeared in the room, and says they’re going to turn south, that “It’s done.” Daniel says that nothing is done.

Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and Christopher Manawa (Lorenzo James Henrie) in S2E5 Photo credit: Peter Iovino/AMC, Fear The Walking Dead
Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and Christopher Manawa (Lorenzo James Henrie) in S2E5Photo credit: Peter Iovino/AMC, Fear The Walking Dead /

Madison finds Chris sitting on a bed, staring at the gun in his hands. He tells her again that Reid was going to turn. Madison asks whose gun it was. It was Reid’s. She takes it from him. Chris asks if he screwed everything up as they hear raised voices outside the cabin. Madison says they’re going to figure it out. Chris wants her to believe that he had to do it. Madison puts her arm around him and says that it’s okay, that it’s over.

On Connor’s boat, Travis is bound, his hands ziptied behind his back. He’s told that his time on the boat is done, and he doesn’t know what that means.

Nick and Ofelia are cleaning up the mess that’s left of Reid. Ofelia doesn’t believe that Reid had been ready to turn. Suddenly Reid begins making the rasping sounds of the infected. Daniel comes into the room and pushes Nick and his daughter out of the way, then pushing Reid against the far wall and pinning him there with the stake that had been through the middle of him. He says, “Not yet.”

Daniel has secured Reid in a chair with a bag over his head. He begins hearing a voice speaking to him in another language telling him to take the gun. He begins to remove the hood from Reid, but Ofelia comes in. The two of them walk Reid out of the room. Uh-oh, Daniel. Don’t go Rick at the prison on us, please. We need you at 100%.

Jack comes into the cabin looking for Alicia, but doesn’t find her. She’s hiding in a cabinet, and waits until he leaves to come out.

Nick tells Madison once again to let him do the exchange. She refuses, saying it’s because he wants to that she won’t let him. Madison… that doesn’t make much sense!

Daniel brings Reid to her and tells her to be careful. She gets Reid into the small boat and speeds toward Connor and the exchange.

Strand and Nick see Travis through their binoculars, but not Alicia. She’s inside Connor’s boat. The woman who stole her steak comes and tells her she’s not supposed to be there. She tries to push Alicia into the cage that Travis had been in, but Alicia gets the upper hand and pushes the other woman in instead.

Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) in S2E5 Photo credit: Peter Iovino/AMC, Fear The Walking Dead
Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) in S2E5Photo credit: Peter Iovino/AMC, Fear The Walking Dead /

The two sides meet on shore. Madison asks where her daughter is, and Connor says that she’ll get her when he sees that his brother is alright. Madison loosens the restraints on Reid and pushes him forward toward Connor with the bag over his head. The men opposite her push Travis forward, and Madison catches him, then pulls the bag off his head.

Connor takes the bag off of his brother’s head, but before he can comprehend what’s happening, Reid has bitten into his arm. One of Connor’s men runs toward Travis and Madison, and Travis knocks him down with a headbut – since his hands are still bound. (Holy OUCH!) While the man recovers, Madison cuts Travis’ restraints.

The man charges at him again, picking Travis up by the midsection and slamming him to the ground.

Meanwhile, far above them on the deck of Connor’s ship, Alicia watches the commotion and sees the Abigail out in the water not far away. Jack finds her once again, and asks her why she’s running, telling her that he can get her out of there. She tells him that her family came back for her, and assumes that that will be enough to explain to him that she’s not going to stay. He asks her if she was just going to leave. She doesn’t answer.

Madison kicks the man that’s on top of Travis, then sees Alicia up on the deck and tells Travis that she sees her. Travis finally gets the man off of him and they take off running toward the motorboat that Madison had arrived on.

Jack tells Alicia that Alex told them what her people had done. He asks her if that’s really the people she wants to be with, people who had abandoned Alex. He says that they’ll abandon her as well. Just then, Alicia hears Madison calling her from below, in the motorboat. Connor asks her to reconsider, but she lets herself slide down an incline along the side of the boat, dropping into the water.

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Travis pulls her into the motorboat, which had pulled close to her location. She and Jack watch each other as Madison drives the three of them back toward the Abigail.

Bye, Jack. It really wasn’t a lot of fun… better luck next time.

So, will the Abigail be allowed to sail away unhindered, or did enough of Connor’s men survive that they’ll be a threat? Will the Madison and the crew make it to the border crossing into Mexico during the window of time that Luis is so obsessed with missing? How will they get across if there’s only arrangements made for two people? Somehow I doubt all of questions will be answered next week… but there’s only one way to find out!