Fear The Walking Dead: Who died in Captive?

Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) in S2E5Photo credit: Peter Iovino/AMC, Fear The Walking Dead
Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) in S2E5Photo credit: Peter Iovino/AMC, Fear The Walking Dead /

[Spoiler Alert: This post addresses events that occur in the most recent episode S2E5 of Fear The Walking Dead]

Were you a ‘captive’ viewer of Fear The Walking Dead’s fifth episode of season 2?  Tonight’s episode by the same name was wrought with tension, much like how Reed described the Achilles tendon.

With one or more captives on the boats of both Strand and Connor, it is likely that someone may not survive the episode. So, let’s get to it and take a look at the losses encountered in ‘Captive’.

Alicia’s steak

No one wants to be taken hostage, but a hot meal in the zombie apocalypse is not easy to come by.  Connor prepares a steak dinner for Alicia and says he wants to get to know her.  He joins her for the meal but is interrupted by a problem with the generator.

Alicia continues with the meal seemingly enjoying it.  Pregnant Vida walks up to Alicia and grabs her fork taking a bite of Alicia’s steak. Okay?  Maybe they are big on sharing on this boat?  No, Vida takes the whole plate for herself locking the door behind her, leaving Alicia steak-less.

Never fear, however.  Alicia gets the last word when she locks Vida in the cage before escaping with Travis and Madison.

Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades) in S2E5 Photo credit: Peter Iovino/AMC, Fear The Walking Dead
Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades) in S2E5Photo credit: Peter Iovino/AMC, Fear The Walking Dead /


Reed is suffering physically with a crowbar though his abdomen. After tending to Reed’s injury, Daniel allows Chris to stand watch over Reed in hopes of keeping him distracted from his father’s capture.

Reed’s pain does not keep him from trying to get into Chris’s head. Perhaps it spurs him on. Just as Madison is negotiating a hostage exchange, a gunshot is heard from below.  Chris has shot Reed, presumably in response to something Reed says to him, but claims he was about to turn.

It appears that the hostage exchange is now jeopardized by Chris’s impulsive action.  But as Reed reanimates Daniel sees this as their chance to still “walk” him through the exchange.  Daniel stops Nick and Ofelia from putting down walker Reed.

Daniel’s mind

Speaking of losses, is Daniel losing a grip on reality?  It appears that he is hearing voices as he bags walker Reed for the hostage exchange.  “Daniel, take the gun” echoes in his mind and there does not appear to be any actual person around to say the words.

I am not sure what’s going on with the voice he hears, but I for one believe Daniel is still sharp.  After all, he was the one who made the split second decision to pin walker Reed to the wall so they could still use him in the exchange.

I am anxious to hear more about the voice he hears and hopefully learn what it’s all about.

Jack’s heart

Okay, his heart is still beating but only after taking a beating from Alicia’s fickle affections.  We do not even know if Alicia ever genuinely cared for him.

Many believe she was merely manipulating Jack.  I think it was not clear cut, perhaps some of both. But in the end, Alicia chooses her family over Jack when she literally “jumps ship”.

Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) in S2E5 Photo credit: Peter Iovino/AMC, Fear The Walking Dead
Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) in S2E5Photo credit: Peter Iovino/AMC, Fear The Walking Dead /

 Connor and his henchman?

Both hostages have bags over their heads as they return to their groups.  But unbeknownst to Connor, Reed is now a walker and takes a chunk out of Reed’s  forearm.  Walker Reed than bites Connor’s henchman in the neck.

While we do not see him turn, I am pretty certain that the henchman cannot survive his bite.  Connor, on the other hand, if acting quickly enough, could part with the arm that was bitten and eliminate the infection.


While we did not see his death on-screen, it was described in vivid detail by Alex upon shocking Travis with her presence on the boat.  Many folks saw that coming, but Travis was not one of them.

Nevertheless, we will not count Jake since his death did not actually occur in the episode. And that brings us to our final count.

Final count: 2

That would be Reed and Connor’s henchman. I feel confident enough to count the henchman but not confident enough to count Connor based on the location of his injury.

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The losses were fairly minimal given the high stakes (or should I say “steaks”? wink, wink!) in episode 5 of Fear The Walking Dead‘s second season. There are also plenty of characters’ fates and plotlines left unresolved?

Will Michele Ang make another appearance on the show as Alex?  Will Jack find a way to reunite with Alicia?  And will Connor succumb to the bite on his arm?

Furthermore, will all of our survivors on Strand’s yacht make it in to Mexico after all?  Tune in next Sunday, May 15th, for the next episode of Fear The Walking Dead. And we will reconvene to look at any deaths that may come from it.