The Walking Dead Finale: Abraham hugs Eugene scene

Abraham hugs Eugene scene . The Walking Dead. AMC
Abraham hugs Eugene scene . The Walking Dead. AMC /

Abraham and Eugene shared a hug and a conversation in the finale of season 6 of The Walking Dead that represented everything that these two characters have been through since we met them.

The finale of season 6 of The Walking Dead has had so much focus on Negan and the cliffhanger that I think it’s appropriate that we spend some time during the summer to focus on the other parts of the episode that give the episode its richness and depth.

I’d like to examine some scenes a little deeper during walker withdrawal season so when Comic Con hits and we start looking forward, we really have taken everything possible from the finale that is there. We know that The Walking Dead is always deeper than it appears. I’d like to start with Abe and Genie.

Abraham Ford and Eugene Porter have had a tumultuous relationship on The Walking Dead since they met and arrived on our television screens. Their short conversation and their hug said so much about each character and the pair from way back at the beginning.

At first Abraham starts to give advice about driving–the man’s way of telling people that he cares about them. But Eugene doesn’t let him off that easy. He asks why Abe never let him drive. Abe admits he didn’t think he could do it.

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Abe was like a father or a big brother to Eugene at first. But that was by design from Eugene’s plan. Eugene was looking for someone to take care of him. He chose Abraham to protect him like glass. Then Eugene acted like glass. For awhile.

But much like the good china, sometimes it wants to come off the shelf and be used for fried chicken and mashed potatoes, even if a piece gets chipped. Eugene was tired of sitting in the china cabinet being looked at and protected. I know I’m mixing metaphors or personifying dishes, but I think it works. It’s weird like Eugene.

Abe admits to Eugene that he’s a survivor. But also that Eugene himself didn’t know it. Abe was letting Eugene know that maybe he never needed Abraham. He only needed to find the survivor in himself.  It was there all along.

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Abraham and Eugene were always the yin and yang of skill sets. In the apocalypse, you don’t have the luxury of all yin or all yang. Their hug joined yin and yang and hopefully a little of each rubbed off on both of them for when they aren’t together to be a whole.