Fear The Walking Dead: Is Daniel Salazar hearing voices?

Daniel Salazar - Fear the Walking Dead, AMC
Daniel Salazar - Fear the Walking Dead, AMC /

Severe trauma can have odd effects on people, as Daniel Salazar is could be hearing a voice in his head during Fear The Walking Dead’s second season.

Hearing voices is nothing new on The Walking Dead. It’s happened with many characters in the past on AMC’s flagship program, including Rick Grimes, Tyreese, Daryl Dixon and many others. But it appears as though this will be something happening on Fear The Walking Dead during season 2.

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During last week’s episode titled “Captive” on AMC, Fear The Walking Dead had Daniel Salazar heard a voice. When placing a bag over Reed’s head, a voice told him “Take the gun, Daniel.” But who is telling him to grab the gun and why?

Fear The Walking Dead showrunner Dave Erickson shed a little more light on this situation in a recent interview on Entertainment Weekly’s website. And his words revealed a lot about what Daniel is going through.

"“What we’re starting to see with Daniel is a lot of his ghosts are coming back, and the things that he was able to bury for so long because he had Griselda, they’re starting to sort of creep around the edges,. They’re starting to fragment his psyche a little bit. And again, it’s part of the larger mystery of Daniel Salazar, which we’ll continue to explore the next few episodes. But yeah, he’s getting to a bad place. He’s getting to a place where his past is catching up to him.”"

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Severe trauma can be very difficult to recover from. We saw it with the characters on The Walking Dead as listed above and now Daniel is struggling to deal with the loss of his wife Griselda. It will be hard to watch Mr. Salazar try to say goodbye to his wife in his own way and try to find someone else to be his confidante and partner.

"“What’s interesting about Daniel this season is losing Griselda. It’s a huge loss to him, and obviously he’s traumatized by the fact that she was taken away from him last season. He wasn’t with her when she died. He was never able to properly bury her, and I think what you start to see is the he’s also someone who shared his secrets with Griselda.”"

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You can see Daniel Salazar and the rest of the show’s cast when Fear The Walking Dead returns for “Sicut Cervus” which is the sixth episode of season 2. Will Daniel continue to hear the voice in his head? Or will he find a way to deal with his losses and resolve his feelings? Let us know what you think in the comments below.