Talking Dead guests: Fear The Walking Dead 206 Sicut Cirvus

Chris Hardwick. Talking Dead. AMC.
Chris Hardwick. Talking Dead. AMC. /

Here are the guests who are scheduled to join Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick to discuss episode 206 of Fear The Walking Dead, titled “Sicut Cervus”.

Every week when AMC delivers a new episode from one of their zombie survival dramas, Chris Hardwick and some of the cast and crew of the hit shows sit down immediately afterwards to talk about it on Talking Dead.

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This week, the gang will discuss “Sicut Cervus” which is episode 206 of Fear The Walking Dead. There will be at least one actor from the show on hand along with a celebrity to help break down the events from the episode.

Here are the individuals who are currently scheduled to be on Talking Dead on Sunday, May 15, 2016:

Mercedes Mason

  • Fans of Fear The Walking Dead know her has Ofelia Salazar, but Mason has an extensive acting career, including roles on NCIS: Los Angeles, One Life To Live, and 666 Park Avenue. Typically a spot on the couch means that the actress will play a prominent role on this week’s episode, so hopefully this will be Ofelia’s chance to shine.

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Jim Gaffigan

  • Stand up comedians usually do pretty well on Talking Dead, and Gaffigan will be the next to have a seat to talk about zombies. He currently stars in The Jim Gaffigan Show, but has been in hit projects like 17 Again, That 70’s Show, The Ellen Show, and My Boys. His unique style of humor should help give the show a one-of-a-kind feel.

Surprise Guest

  • Uh-oh. Surprise guest again. Last week, this designation didn’t exactly mean death, as only one of the two unknown guests said goodbye to the series. But that still doesn’t mean that this is a good or a bad sign for anyone on Fear The Walking Dead. Hopefully,

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Fear The Walking Dead will air episode 206 on Sunday, May 15, 2016 at 9 pm/8c on AMC and will be immediately followed by Talking Dead at 10 pm/9c. Hopefully, these individuals can help fans absorb everything they’ve seen during “Sicut Cervus” and shed some light on what may be in store for the survivors on the show next.