Fear the Walking Dead S02E06 Preview: ‘Sicut Cervus’

Fear the Walking Dead S02E06 Preview: 'Sicut Cervus' - Photo Credit: AMC / Screencapped.net - sayuri_x
Fear the Walking Dead S02E06 Preview: 'Sicut Cervus' - Photo Credit: AMC / Screencapped.net - sayuri_x /

Last week we witnessed a daring rescue on Fear the Walking Dead by one Madison Clark. Trading walker for potential future husband. Will Madison continue to take the reigns of danger to protect her son?

The revelation was made on the last episode of Fear the Walking Dead that it was Alex and not Jack who gave away the location of the Abigail. Relieving Alicia of the brunt of the blame for the attempted takeover of the Abigail and taking of Travis. The group will have to be very careful from now on how they engage with others, you never know when another spurned shipmate will come back to haunt the team.

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The question is, is it better to just cut the cord immediately as Strand wanted to from the beginning? Did the brief limbo of pause on the raft cause the entire altercation?

Fear the Walking Dead S02E06 Preview Trailer:

Daniel Salazar appears to be hearing voices, perhaps suffering from PTSD from his past hidden life. It appears from the preview that the issue is already taking a turn for the worst with the group having to restrain Salazar from utilizing his knife.

There’s also seemingly a new set of boots on board the Abigail and they came armed. The group will not be able to hide for long and with the engine blown it’s the first place these strangers will look too. How will Nick and crew react to the new threat? Madison and Travis appear up the challenge, while Strand might still be reciprocating. Will Fear the Walking Dead’s unlikely mix be able to make it over to Mexico, or will it remain a mirage, a hope being chased?

If it even still exists, and what of the cost? Strand promised essentially to bring him and Nick not an entire dual set of families. Decisions will have to be made and fast, while Daniel Salazar the formerly likeliest dependable enforcer lies confused from a checkered past. Will Salazar lose it, or will he continue his pursuit of protecting Ofelia at all costs? Will the voices render him a lost cause when it matters most?

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